Borderlands 2 tips its hat to Dark souls with this easter egg

Borderlands and Demon's Souls were two of 2009's biggest hits, measured by sales and/or popular acclaim. So there's a nice symmetry in seeing Borderlands 2 paying homage to Dark Souls with an Easter egg encountered in the Caustic Caverns.

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AKS1975d ago

Wow, I missed that. I thought I found everything there. I found lots of secrets in that area but not this one.

Captain Qwark 91975d ago

two of 2009s best also end up two of the best in the years each sequel was released. dark souls is a 10 imo and so far borderlands 2 is a 9-9.5!

SillyBastid1971d ago

Dark souls is incredible... I'm addicted! Still need to finish Borderlands before I pick up 2.