Great Things Are In Store For Sony and PlayStation Fans | Big (and initially a tad bit frightening) news hit late last night about GameStop’s release dates for the rest of the PlayStation brand’s 2012 releases being deleted. This comes off the heels of the PR department being gutted inside and out over at SCEA. Sony has been going through massive changes lately ever since a huge restructuring initiative began. Although all things PlayStation were spared from the chopping block, the doom and gloom nay-sayers were still rampant. I’ll admit, even I was skeptic about Sony’s future.

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remanutd552277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

as much as im loving the playstation all stars battle royale cross platform beta on my vita and little big planet coming out this tuesday on psn i think it would have been amazing to have Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and Tearaway to release this holidays for the psvita.

i used to like the ps3 universe of entertainment tv ads, i think sony should do some psvita entertainment on the go tv ads.

AztecFalcon2277d ago

I need to buy a PS3. Any early thoughts about the Super Slims?

Fishy Fingers2277d ago

Yeah. It's like a PS3, but slimmer.

Getowned2277d ago

It's all good I have the 250gb slim which is about all used up I need to delete some movies and music lol, but be sure to pick up Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 :D oh and StarHawk is fun to for some unique online MP action. I'd say Demons Souls is also worth a try! IMO it's better than Dark Souls. as for PSN store Pixel Junk games are always fun IMO, I love Pixel Junk Monsters. lol

Xof2277d ago

I'm in the same boat after a YLOD. The main pro of the super-slim is that it has a top-loading disc tray, which will make it easier to extricate discs from inside the machine if it breaks.

That's... about it.

The PS3-3000 (current slim model) is a bit larger, but has great fan/heatsink placement, and has already proven itself to be a very reliable piece of hardware.

The super-slim would probably be just fine... but it's new and unproven. So I'd recommend going for an older slim instead of a super-slim.

It's unlikely, but the super-slim could--after all--suffer a critical hardware defect like the original PS3-1000s.

PrimeLantern2277d ago

My buddy is buying All-Stars for ps3 but he doesn't have a Vita. So he's letting me pay him $20 for the vita voucher. Win.

SandWitch2277d ago

Does it work that way? I think Sony would not let to do this kind of stuff.

I guess first you must connect to PSASBR online on your PS3 and only then can use voucher code on your account. Or something like this.

rainslacker2276d ago

The cross-buy promotions will likely be tied to a online access code. The Vita version will likely be tied to your friends PSN account, so unless he shares those details with you, you won't be able to use it.

It's highly unlikely Sony would go into this willy-nilly without putting a lot of thought into how to keep people from doing exactly what your doing. Otherwise you'd see these codes popping up on Ebay or elsewhere in droves, thus defeating the purpose of the promotion and really hurting software sales.

Even worse if it is possible and people do this they could end the promotions all together so people that like the added value of cross-buy get shafted.

TongkatAli2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Sly cooper, Metal Gear Revengence, Last Of Us and Miku- Hastune PS3 are my most wanted games next year.

Grenade2277d ago ShowReplies(1)
Pillsbury12276d ago

Haha you're username is a boner supplement.

TongkatAli2276d ago

It can be used for that too. N4g needs my user name :)

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