TGR: Little Big Planet Gameplay Footage has some really cool footage of Little Big Planet with Kyle from SOE leading the way through.

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cain1413599d ago

This game looks really fun. If only I could afford a PS3. Will have to save up I guess...

thegamereviews3599d ago

Will be posting the create portion of this video shortly

Iamback3599d ago

Maybe i am an idiot but i dont see whats fun about this game.

fenderputty3599d ago

you just clearly lack an sort of creativity. If you did, then you would see the endless possibilites that this game offers.

hazeblaze3599d ago

Man, this game is going to be so freakin awesome... I cannot wait until it releases. I'm hoping I get to take part in the beta before the release!

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fenderputty3599d ago

I can't see the vids ... browsing N4G while at work sucks.

Grasty3599d ago

very nice! But sadly, I dont have a PS3 .....

Equinoxe_73599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Your have plenty time saving, september I tell ya, it's the bang.

Farsendor13599d ago

you all that dont have a ps3 really need to get one the way i see it ps3 and 360 beats pswii or wii360 but its best to have all the systems. anyways im looking forward to this game havent seen to many games like this

hazeblaze3599d ago

Yea honestly I've enjoyed the games on my PS3 more than any other system since about August when Warhawk came out... there have just been great exclusives on the system every month since. And this year seems like it'll be even better.

Close_Second3599d ago

...the more I want it. This is going to dominate the use of my PS3 when it comes out as it will be a true family gaming experience. I'm going to set challenges for my children to come up with the ultimate levels!

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The story is too old to be commented.