Upcoming Omega DLC already hinted at in Mass Effect 3 script files

BioWare has planned a new piece of Mass Effect 3 singleplayer DLC called Omega. It will hit this fall, and data mining the game’s script files already hints at its plot.

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Carl_Shocker2272d ago

Oh you mean the thing which really should of been part of the game to beging with

When Aria first spoke to me about Omega the first thing I thought was "OMG....a side mission to take back Omega for Aria" and yet it didn't happen.

kent800820072272d ago

And now it's happening, rejoice instead of bitching

Carl_Shocker2272d ago

"And now it's happening"

Urm...yeah, 6-7 months later you know when most people have completed it by now, probably twice and have most likely sold it.

Summons752272d ago

rejoice about something that clearly should have been already included with the purchase of the game? No, Bioware are soulless greedy company that dosen't care at all about their games or fans just the money they get.

modesign2272d ago

rejoice for having to pay 15 dollars for something that should of been free from day one, HORRAY

PooEgg2272d ago

My thoughts exactly, this feels like DLC that should have been part of the game in the first place.

Carl_Shocker2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Apparently it was rumored aswell that they took it out...I'm sure it was on here a week or two after ME3 released. Something about files in the game containing scripts about the mission


Ahhhh never mind...AznGaara beat me to it :)

supraking9512272d ago

riiiiight just like all of ME2 dlc should have been included in the game already, Bioware still greedy huh? U must be new to what story related DLC is. You probably cried after each Fallout 3 dlc saying, " Bethesada is lame, it all should of been included in the game". Get a soul

Carl_Shocker2272d ago

Well unlike Bethesda they worked on Fallout 3 untill in was fully complete, didn't tack on multiplayer, then gave us 5 DLCs in a nice time frame which added a ton of stuff to the game and the ending didn't suck...I mean sure before the third DLC you couldn't continue the game after the final mission but it wasn't a game breaker which ruined the entire game and all it had build up since the first game.

Souls arn't real...just like Santa Clause, Jesus and Sarah Jessica Parkers beauty

AznGaara2272d ago

"It turns out that there was a whole mission planned to retake Omega, which was cut due to time constraints."

So why did they delay the game again? Oh to put in "optional" multiplayer that wasn't really optional to begin with because you needed to play it to perfect the game. sigh... I don't know why but with the two previous games I actually looked forward to DLC, this time... not so much. I'll check this out because Aria is such a badass though. Here's to hoping she's part of your squad and the mission is as good as Lair of the Shadow Broker.

PooEgg2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Took the words right out of my mouth. I was so annoyed by the MP addition, not because I mind them adding MP for people who are into that, but because it was forced on people who would rather stick with Single Player.

Carl_Shocker2272d ago

and they rushed the ending when they could of took the money and resources and spend it on finishing the ending/side missions. Multiplayer is apparently why they delayed the game so I won't be buying this since it was supposed to be in the game to beging with

neoandrew2272d ago

This is pure BS, i not even once lunched the mp part and yet, get the best ending...

AznGaara2271d ago

Well I've fully beaten the game twice, did all the side missions, even the Prothean DLC and etc. and only ended up with around 7000 war assest. Divided by 50% for NOT doing MP I end up with around 3500 galaxy readiness, got the same numbers both times, you need 5000 galaxy readiness to get the SECRET ending (Says so in the guide. Collector's Edition Guide Page 323). You know, the one ending with Shepard breathing in the rubble.

All this was BEFORE the Extended Cut when they added that scene into the destroy ending making it so you didn't have to "unlock" it. Either way you prove my point, if you managed to get the secret ending without multiplayer BEFORE the Extended Cut DLC then why even have multiplayer there instead of cutting missions like this off the project.

neoandrew2271d ago

Another BS, thats not true, yes it is 50% but it doesn't matter, you can get everything from that, as bioware stated many, many times, and player reported that it is true, i know, cuz i have get the breathing ending BEFORE EC DLC and NO MULTIPLAYER.

Beside this, i was not writing to you, as you can see, you have not even write a single word about forced MP.

PooEgg2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )


I have to agree with AznGaara & Carl_Shocker. I played all three games twice, I did every single side mission, and I did pretty much everything there was to do in Single player, but my war assets stayed far below what I needed to get the best ending. Perhaps it is possible, but without MP it is seems overly difficult.

Forcing MP and Social Media onto their customers is one of EA/BioWare's top priorities. They are not even trying to hide it. But no problem, you are entitled to your opinion, just like the rest of us. I actually used to defend BioWare too, once upon a time, so I get where you are coming from, I just don't agree with you.

neoandrew2269d ago

There are no best ending, every ending has it pros and cons.

BUT i will say again, war assets are still irrelevant if you are not playing MP.

READ THIS MAN and stop BS http://isocrates.hubpages.c...

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Adexus2272d ago

I'm really not surprised anymore.

Wigriff2272d ago

I traded my copy of Mass Effect 3 for the much rarer Tales of Vesperia. I don't regret it one bit. :)

Megaton2272d ago

There are traces of cut content in Leviathan, but this one was definitely cut. Everyone knew this was cut for DLC after seeing it in the leaked script, and not in the game. Will watch it on YouTube when I have time. Not interested in ever giving BioWare another dime.

SageHonor2272d ago

Agreed when i played the game i really thought i was about to travel to Omega for a mission

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