A Brief History Of James Bonds Gaming Career

In the world of both games and movies, there aren't many characters that reach the age of 50, and still receive the amount of hype and attention one character is currently receiving. On October 5th, England's most famous secret agent will reach his 50th anniversary and its fair to say that Bond, James Bond will sink a few vodka martinis to celebrate. As Game-Modos chief Bond fan, we thought it would be a good time to have a look back through 007's gaming career.

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SavageKuma2278d ago

Okay you get my respect for adding the NES version too. I sir commend you and will share your post. This was an awesome read.

GameTechZero2278d ago

Awww thanks bud. You rock :)

claud32278d ago

No history needed. As GOLDENEYE 64 is the all out history if the bond outing on any console. Its the greatest bond game ever

GameTechZero2277d ago

Some of the other bond games are also rather good.

3-4-52277d ago

I would say they were passable FPS for the time they were released in but nothing has even come close to Goldeneye 007 N64 yet.

It's a shame too because it's the game that really got us all into FPS's..well most of us.

OhMyGandhi2277d ago

I liked World is Not Enough for n64.

NukaCola2277d ago

I also spent many of hours with friends on AGENT UNDER FIRE for Gamecube.

Shepherd 2142277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

As good as goldeneye is, I just can't say its my favorite. It was the first bond game I ever played, but I don't let my nostalgia cloud my judgment.

I can remember trying to get all the extra objectives that higher difficulties added in The World is Not Enough and being able to take silencers on and off at will and being able to actually go stealthy and nonlethal on alot of the missions. I remember staying up all night long with my friend playing splitscreen bot matches with crazy settings in Nightfire on the ps2. The story, cinematics, and cast(willem dafoe as the the villian and shannon elizabeth and Heidi Klum as bond girls...drools..)in Everything or Nothing were Bond movie-worthy and the coop mode was a blast. it was the first coop i played where you could give each other ammo clips too.

There was alot of great stuff in other bond games, I'd hate to say goldeneye was undisputedly the best.

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PhantomTommy2277d ago

Everything Or Nothing was a great little game. Sweet coop mode too.

claud32277d ago

True. But GOLDENEYE 64 to me will always be the greatest one

NYC_Gamer2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

GoldenEye 64=the best bond game in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.