One of the coolest consoles you have never seen…"The Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) was an amazing system. Aside from being a great gaming system, it also proved to be a rather versatile system as well. Sega offered so many different versions of the system at various times… it was insane."

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mighty_douche3813d ago

ahhh the good old 16bit era, before people cared about game sales or comparing loading times.

Before "gamers" were wannabe cooperate exec's....

Avto3813d ago

really original to say the least

Rayko3813d ago

I had that console and still have it somewhere. It was awesome when it came but to be honest, it was more like a Mega Drive with more cutscenes but some games showed really nice graphics (at that time) like night trap, Road avenger and some other games. I really loved Mega Cd but when I think about it today its just sad.

coolfool3813d ago

I didn't really have the money to afford all these add-ons. I was barely scraping the cash for the console and a few games but then to have the MegaCD, 32x etc. as well just meant that these weren't viable puchases for me over the original console.

I prioritsed the gaming, as always....

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