Soul Sacrifice Hands-On Impression (PSLS)

Soul Sacrifice is a dark, gritty action RPG worthy of attention from fans of the genre, fans of a game telling an interesting story, or just those who like multiplayer action games,.

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dbjj120881904d ago

This looks great. Tbh any new software for the Vita looks great.

Hatsune-Miku1904d ago

Imagine if a new monster hunter is made for the vita how amazing it could be. I would love it if ff 13 with its sequels are made for the vita

fei-hung1904d ago

You're right, but this be what Bayonetta is to DMC?!

Capcom have been stuck on MH3 for sometime now and Soul Sacrifice seems to be MH but taken up a few notches.

boybato1904d ago

couldn't come any sooner... I'm sure this game will make my friends finally purchase a vita. haha

Sanquine901904d ago

This makes a lot of my friends considering buying a vita:D I will buy this day one:D

boybato1904d ago

are we friends? we surely got something in common... cheapa$$ friends. haha

Sanquine901904d ago

Nop , but i have cheapA$$ friends. Someone thought that little big planet vita was expensive ( 40 euro)

shammgod1904d ago

Damn. They keep teasing us with Soul Sacrifice news, but the game was delayed. Day one regardless. Looks awesome!

Knushwood Butt1904d ago

I could never get into Monster Hunter but this looks more accessible and fun.

knifefight1904d ago

Yeah, exactly. This has a way deeper, more serious story to it than MH, too.