Amazon Finally Listing New PS3 Super Slim Uncharted 3 Bundle For Pre-Order

It was only matter of time before this happened, so take this as more of a public service announcement.

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Abash2273d ago

It has been up for a few days now.....

motherboop2272d ago

First thing I was thinking too.

Snookies122273d ago

Interesting box art... I kinda like it.

dalibor2272d ago

I remember that scene in U3, thought it was pretty cool. There is a movie that had that part of the game in it but can't remember it.

Snookies122272d ago

Yeah, the whole plane scene when it was going down was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a game. I literally couldn't help but stand up out of my chair during that.

I still think U2 is better, however that one scene was just so amazingly well done it got my blood pumping. Which is highly unusual for a game, at least for me. :]

dalibor2272d ago

For anybody wondering if U3 is any good, I have the game and yes it's a good game. The online is fun as well. You can't go wrong with this bundle. And it's nice to have the PS+ for a month.

Tultras2272d ago

Lol, no one wonders whether U3 is any good, it's U3.

jro2112272d ago

Why is there no Wireless N? I don't get how you forget this feature!

GamerElite2272d ago

nice avatar pic. could you send me the link

Hicken2272d ago

Why is that not relevant to this article? I don't get how you even make this comment!

Seriously, though. It's a cost-cutting model from Sony. You think, maybe, not having the wireless N built into the system might have helped them cut production costs?

Is that not possible?

doogiebear2272d ago

What it wont work via wifi??

PirateThom2272d ago

Yes, it has wi-fi. B and G