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Submitted by Losyak 1239d ago | news

PlayStation Plus on PS Vita Gets Timing, Set to Launch with Instant Game Collection

We announced back at Gamescom that PlayStation Plus would be coming to PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), and today we’re pleased to announce that our premium game membership will make its debut on PS Vita in November, providing an Instant Game Collection to PS Vita owners along with the same features that many of you already enjoy for PlayStation 3 (PS3). (PS Vita, PS3, Tag Invalid)

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PirateThom  +   1239d ago
I can guess the first games will probably be Super StarDust Delta, Escape Plan, Everybody's Golf, Little Deviants.

I can also see WipEout making an apperance very quickly.
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SandWitch  +   1239d ago
Motorstorm RC is also possible, especially knowing that it is already free in US
Karum  +   1239d ago
There's a couple of those I don't have so would not mind having them as part of the collection one little bit :)
TheLastGuardian  +   1239d ago
Hopefully Tales From Space: Mutants Blobs Attack will be in the instant game collection. Every Vita owner needs to play that gem.
SonyNGP  +   1239d ago
I got it on Steam :3
badz149  +   1238d ago
like many have said down there
THIS will be a great excuse for a lot of us to go and get those 32GB cards! I do prefer buying the retail version of games but it's so hard to find in my area and even if they are there, they are always from another region, which is not a problem for PS3 games as I can just redeem the online pass using another account but not on Vita where it only support 1 account! but luckily games on PSN are getting way cheaper than retail too like up to 40% cheaper! I think I might have to give up on retail and go digital! PS+ will make the decision making much easier!
DivineAssault  +   1239d ago
hell yes.. free games on my baby too? I might need a memory card sooner than i thought
Irishguy95  +   1239d ago
They aren't free...

just sayin
Irishguy95  +   1239d ago
Lol. Sony fanboys, 50 quid a year =/= free. Can I get the games if I don't by PS+? No? Not free idiots
ceballos77mx  +   1239d ago | Well said
At least its not 50 to play the other half of the game.
InTheLab  +   1239d ago
A lot of these "free" games I would have never paid money for. Take the Bloodrayne side scroller, for example. The game is not good enough to buy, but good enough to try out for an entire year. There's quite a few games that fall under this category.

As for value, try any of the alternatives and see how much money you part ways with...

And what people like you tend to forget is that on top of those "free" games, you get deep discounts and actual free stuff like avatars and such, betas, full game trials..

All that on TWO platforms. It's a tremendous deal and here you are trying to argue over something small.

Lastly, the words fanboy and hater gets thrown around too much but in your of them fits.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1239d ago
You're right. But it's a damned good deal.
DivineAssault  +   1239d ago
technically no they arent.. $50/yr to have a lot of games, discounts, betas, auto updates, & other various perks.. They arent free but its a service thats well worth the money.. Unlike other companies where its more expensive annually & all u get is the ability to play with others.. That ability is FREE.. U guys can hate all u want but us ps plus members will be too busy with the truck load of content we are all receiving to care how u feel about whats free & what isnt..
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MmaFan-Qc  +   1239d ago
meanwhile, some peoples still try to justify paying ONLY to play online.....lmao.

not even talking about having a ton of ads shoved up their ass

BitbyDeath  +   1239d ago
People consider it as 'free' cause after the first month you already get your moneys worth.
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supergravity  +   1238d ago
feeln pretty free to me man, it's called value, return on my $ I'm gettn it, are you?
badz149  +   1238d ago
technically, many games on PS+ are FREE! I pay for PS+ but not for specific games and if it's anything like on the PS3, many of those games offered for free are not even on my buy list due to lots of factors but I still get them for free if I'm a subscriber!

so, getting something I don't even want to spend my money on just by subscribing is FREE in my book! and if I already got my money worth after 2-3 months, still getting 'free' contents for the rest of the year is FREE too! so yeah, stop living in denial!
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1238d ago
When you state the obvious, you are just being an asshole. It doesn't make you smarter or more clever.

We use the term buy one get two three. You don't see some jerk saying. It's not really have to buy one first. Everybody knows its contingent on something. Stop being an jackass.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1239d ago
It's not free but I just paid £30 for a year not £50 =/ and before that I paid £12.99 for 3 months and got:

Red Dead Redemption
LittleBigPlanet 2
Infamous 2
Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD
Deus Ex
Tomb Raider
Just Cause 2
Dead Space 2
Motorstorm Apocolypse
Dead Space 2
Scott pilgrim

Also included was a few indie titles,discounts,free avatars and access to betas.
So that's 13 games in 3 months for £12.99.

don't be so butthurt ^_^
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ceballos77mx  +   1239d ago
Very true I paid one year when it came out but with all the promotions and the free time we got after the hack I got almost a year free.
LordMe  +   1239d ago
I kinda hope they add free PSP games as well, gives them allot to choose from

Also, Shinobido 2 might be one of the freebies. And if it is, I suggest getting it, fun little game!
SandWitch  +   1239d ago
I think most of the freebies will be PS1/PSP games, because most of the PS VITA games are still considerably new and pricey.
grailly  +   1239d ago
you're surely right, but I'll still refrain from buying any new PSV games until PS+ is available, you never know, they might want to put LBP vita out there to get it going. I'm pretty sure LBP2 came quite quickly to PS+
zgoldenlionz  +   1239d ago
I didn't expect an instant game collection, color me intrigued.
ABizzel1  +   1239d ago
Must buy 32GB card ASAP.

Black Friday please have a deal.
Soldierone  +   1239d ago
I think a Vita memory card deal will be the only thing that makes me go out at midnight again this year lol
extermin8or  +   1239d ago
might have to buy a 32gb card after all lol
ABizzel1  +   1239d ago
I will be there for that.

I wonder what the games will be for Vita+

Hmmmm. *looks at all current Vita games*

I see most being PSN games like Super Stardust Delta, Escape Plan, and some others.

PS Mini's, PSOne, and even PSP games

Retail PSVita: Little Deviants, Wipeout, ModNation Racers,

That seems the most likely.
motherboop  +   1239d ago
Great news, but almost a week old. Just saying!
Pillsbury1  +   1239d ago
Lets see 50$ to pay to play online that should be free or FREE games? Tough one...
MasterCornholio  +   1239d ago
Your forgetting something.

Its 50€ a year for free games on two platforms.

I dont see anyone else doing that

Pillsbury1  +   1239d ago
I know I was just poking fun at Microsoft for being a cash rapist in case u didn't get the joke.
Qrphe  +   1239d ago
Wait, so the Vita gets its OWN collection? Holy crap! I don't care if they're PSP/PS1 games, I'll take them!

Finally and excuse to get a hold of a 32GB!
jetpacksheep  +   1239d ago
Playstation Plus just got even better
wanieldiik  +   1239d ago
I'm gonna need a bigger memory card if you know what I mean *wink wink*
Soldierone  +   1239d ago
depending on what the games are, this may make me a PS Plus subscriber.
SAE  +   1239d ago
im not interested in ps+ for the ps3 because most of the games they put in it i already bought them or not interested on them ...

But i will try to get it for vita because i only have 2 games ( Uncharted / mgs collection ) , so it will be worth it :P , im even ready to play ps1 games like spyro / resident evil and many others , so if they showed great games in it i will subscriber :P ..
dc1  +   1239d ago
If you get PS+ then you get it for Both PSV and the PS3. It's 2 WINS (Win+Win)... even if you only wanted one.

Cheers my friend! It's on the house.
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extermin8or  +   1239d ago
yeah i got ps plus for ps3 and i trade in any games that appear on there;that i already own- it's already more than paid for this years ps plus subscription and next years lol
PLAYER5095  +   1239d ago
plz add x game chat for the vita then ill subscribe to it!
theEx1Le  +   1239d ago
Vita has party chat -_-
extermin8or  +   1239d ago
vita has this free..... did you not pay any attention before it was released? or look at the box when you bought it....
Gamerita  +   1239d ago
i prefer to buy my games & then sell which ever one i dont want for cash rather than subscribing for this 12 months renting service again. but i will keep an eye on the Vita progress & if there is enough exciting content for it on PS+ then i may go for it.
remanutd55  +   1239d ago
thing is not only a rental service, you get discount, trials, free dlc, beta invites and all that is yours to keep even after you end your subscription to their service.
GribbleGrunger  +   1239d ago
Sorry, but that doesn't make financial sense. If you buy a game new, you can't sell it for the same price second hand. If you add up the money you lose between those two transactions you end up losing a hell of a lot more than the subscription fee. If you intend to sell them, then why not rent them for a year and save yourself a hundred pounds plus?
GribbleGrunger  +   1239d ago
LOL at the people disagreeing. How can you?

You buy 10 games for £30 each. You then sell those games for £10 each second hand. You've just spent £200 and end up without those games in your collection. You could have exactly the same situation with PS+ for four years for that money but that's 176 games instead. What he said doesn't make ANY financial sense whatsoever.

Even if you could get £20 back on a £30 purchase, you would still make a huge saving going with PS+ instead. In that case he would have spent £100 to get 10 games and end up selling them. With PS+ he could have had 88 games for the same amount.

Still not convinced? Try doing the sums for if he got £25 back from his 10 £30 purchases. PS+ STILL works out a LOT better deal financially.
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boybato  +   1239d ago
there is no point convincing others if they don't have a ps3 or vita for that matter. :)
remanutd55  +   1239d ago
i can see these games being part of the instant game collection:
Hot Shot Golf
ModNation Racers Road Trip
Little Deviants
Escape Plan
either Unit 13 or Resistance Burning Skies
either Uncharted Golden Abyss or Gravity Rush
sony needs at least 2 big psvita games on IGC in order to get people excited about the service.
extermin8or  +   1239d ago
I think burning skies will be the one because it got worse reviews and im guessing as it caused sony to lay resistance to rest for the immidiate future didn't sell that well; unit 13 sold quite well in comparision to the instal base i believe though...
remanutd55  +   1239d ago
well im pretty sure Resistance Burning Skies has been more popular than Unit 13 and sony is giving away Unit 13 in the canadian bundle so who is to say they wont put the game as part of playstation plus in NA? anyways i think it will be Resistance Burning Skies because sony needs at least 2 big name games, the game could get that much needed online multiplayer patch before the service launches on the Vita.

i think the 2 big name games that we are going to get are Resistance Burning Skies and Gravity Rush. Heck it would be great if we get Uncharted Golden Abyss too but i doubt we get 3 big name games at the same time.

gotta remember we got inFAMOUS 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Ratchet and Clank All 4 One at once when the service started on the ps3.
TheRacingX  +   1239d ago
Already a PS+ subscriber and a Vita owner... just extra gravy.....Love all the Vita attention lately, my 16Gb card just not going to cut it this holiday I think....
SAE  +   1239d ago
can't you just back up the games you won't play or keep for later?.. download then back up then play all the games :) ..

that's what im doing for mgs hd collection / demos / movies ...

i only have 4 gb memory xD ...
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TheRacingX  +   1238d ago
Oh yeah, I can totally do that on either my laptop or PS3, but I just like having all that gaming goodness at the swipe of my finger...

Fullmetalevolust  +   1239d ago
I think it's excellent news, PS+ is a great service for all the game it provides under its subscription, you truly get your money's worth. The vita perhaps needs to acquire the PSN games that already exist on the PS3: flower, journey, double dragon neon, I am alive, limbo, etc...Having those games would already boost the library but I can see how Sony is having difficulties buying the rights to all these games for its handheld.
boybato  +   1239d ago
agree... and while they're at it release an update that will support 'transfarring' for those games. perfect.
smashcrashbash  +   1239d ago
People still griping on a bout how it isn't actually 'free'. I suppose you expect Sony to give every single person in the world who owns a PS3 hundreds of games to keep right? So what is to stop people from just grabbing everything they want then never ever using PSN Plus again? The point is they want you to keep coming back to PSN Plus. You get the games play them for a long as the subscription lasts then if you want them you either buy them or renew PSN Plus. I get to play a ton of games that I may never have brought normally and buy them if I like them. I would never have known how good Medievil was and how much it is worth it to but it if I didn't have PSN Plus to play it first.
Hicken  +   1239d ago
Man, you know it's pointless to try and appeal to these people. They will take any opportunity to turn a positive into a negative, so long as it's not the company they like.
peeps  +   1239d ago
may finally get some use out of my vita but doubt it. There's just no really interesting games for the thing and even on the horizon there's nothing special. I was hopeful for a COD experience on the go but Declassified looks like they couldn't be arsed and just wanted to get a COD game out on the Vita at a similar time to the game launching on other platforms
boybato  +   1239d ago
seriously? let me guess, you purchased a vita for a specific game genre... fps.
peeps  +   1237d ago
nope. I own Wipeout, Uncharted, Lumines, sound shapes, escape plan and motorstorm. They were all fun games but nothing new from consoles... and in fact a game like Lumines i'd much rather play on a phone tbh. It's a great game but best in short burts and without the need to carry the psv around with me.

You can't deny that the best games for vita aren't much different than what's already been released on ps3 or are just ports of games we have already played e.g. mortal kombat, MVC, MGS
Nutsack  +   1239d ago
This is a bonus on the PS+ renewal I just did with the 25% discount for EU. I had PS+ at launch and after that year with some free months because of the PSN hack/downtime, it wasn't really worth it to me.

Change came this summer with the E3 announcement of extra games. Value is building up. Haven't bought Escape Plan yet, I'd like to get that for free!

@ Peeps (above)

You either are a troll that doesn't own a PSVita or the games that are there are just not your cup of tea. Although I'd agree that Sony needs to beef up that collection of exclusive and interesting content, the list of games is still pretty decent. Uncharted, Escape Plan, Gravity Rush, LittleBigPlanet PSVita, Rayman Origins, Mortal Kombat, Stardust Delta, Sound Shapes, Motorstorm RC... Upcoming new Media Molecule game, the Assassins Creed game, not a clone, but a new storyline for PSVita.

SUre, some are clones of its big bro PS3, others are unique ones. I'll agree that it needs more exclusive stuff that builds the PSVita uniqueness like Loco Roco and Patapon were on the PSP.
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Orionsangel  +   1239d ago
Yay for Rental Services?
lodossrage  +   1239d ago
Would you rather "Yay for the right to play games that everyone else gets to play without paying?"
#21.1 (Edited 1239d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ayabrea123  +   1239d ago
This is didn't . I can't wait to get this popping on my Vita. Sony Didn't want to drop the price of the Vita but they didn't lie about putting more value to the device. Sony may not be perfect but they can do one thing good. Make sure there is something more than nothing. The Vita is about to be the one of the most valuable handheld around because of this.
BLAKHOODe  +   1239d ago
Sure, you have to pay $50 a year for PS+ and therefore it isn't exactly free, BUT if you really take advantage of what PS+ has to offer, the savings will equal up to way more than $50 a year, so you would get the $50 back in savings and everything afterwards is kinda "free".

For example, I would have bought Double Dragon Neon last week regardless, but as a PS+ member.. I got it for "free". So right there, $10 of my $50 investment has been returned to me. These things add up to huge savings. Borderlands is "free" on PS+ now - great game, but I bought it and all of it's DLC last year, as a PS+ member, for only $8 (an awesome price for the DLC alone) and I'll keep my copy of Borderlands and it's DLC regardless if I'm a PS+ member or not.

On the flip side, if you don't take advantage of the savings and you don't care about what they say is "free", well,.. you can't please everyone.
SageHonor  +   1239d ago
So far I got

Persona 4 Golden
Gravity Rush

What else games should i get?
TKCMuzzer  +   1239d ago
I just picked up littlebigplanet and I'm well impressed.
Qrphe  +   1239d ago
Since you already have P4G, I'd recommend Ragnarok Oddysey and Lord of Apocalypse (we're not getting the latter one).
tarbis  +   1238d ago
Hatsune Miku Project Diva F and DJ Max Technika Tune.
mairj  +   1239d ago
Does the automatic trophy sync mean we will finally be able to see who is connected and playing what on both ps3 and vita?
BitbyDeath  +   1239d ago
I don't have a Vita but i have plus.. what to do... :-/
supergravity  +   1238d ago
buy a vita
ziggurcat  +   1239d ago
looks like it's time for me to buy a larger memory card for my vita...
jujubee88  +   1238d ago
I miss the good ole days of the PSP where people found ways to hack SD card readers into the actual chasis xD
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Pillsbury1  +   1239d ago
sony just keeps finding ways to add an even better value to an already amazing offering.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1238d ago
My 32 Gb is nowhere near enough space, as it is...

I guess I'll "purchase" them and download them later, whenever I feel like playing them. That's what I do with Plus on PS3. That way, I don't miss out on any deals. 120 Gb is not enough for Plus members...
supergravity  +   1238d ago
for those lucky enough to have both, we're about to have the best combination of gaming goodness we've ever experienced. Thank you Sony
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