The Mystery behind the Prometheans and the Didact

Prometheans are the newest threat that will give us a lot of trouble in the game; in case you did not know, a regular Promethean knight is “slightly” stronger than a Elite, and that is already a lot. While it is not clear how these were created, Knights, Crawlers, and Watchers are AI’s. Do not confuse them with the actual organic Prometheans, the ones that created these AI’s. What does this mean? Who knows . . . we might figure it out in Halo 4 or in the new book Halo Silentium (which comes out in January 8th 2013).

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munish231850d ago

Ummmm.......spoiler alert?

NewMonday1849d ago

hope they focus the story in the game, not everyone is interested in the expanded universe

hazelamy1849d ago

and they lay gigantic eggs apparently. O_O

GREW50ME1849d ago

This article isn't about a game called Promethians? Umm... someone messed up the title.

peowpeow1849d ago

The title refers to 'The' Prometheans

3-4-51849d ago

so..what is this about before i read spoilers ?

Is this a continuation off the movie Prometheus, or a game based on that movie ?