Pokemonium (Free-To-Play Pokemon MMO) Beta 1.4.0 Released - Play Pokemon Online

DSOGaming writes: "Pokemon fans, here is a nice surprise for all of you. The team behind a F2P Pokemon MMO project has released a new beta version of it. Pokemonium is an open source Pokemon MMORPG that is based off of the Pokenet server files. Coded in java this project is being developed by -DefaulT and the community of RaGEZONE, and its latest beta version adds some new features and addresses a number of issues."

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TheFinalEpisode2247d ago

I have to try this out! I've been wanting a Pokemon MMO since forever :D

princejb1342246d ago

i wonder how long it will last
i remember a few years ago some fans made a pokemon mmo and nintendo shut them down

TheFinalEpisode2246d ago

I just played it and deleted it right away, it's a glitch fest. It's still Beta so hopefully one day it'll be playable.

zeal0us2246d ago

Nintendo lawyers will probably hit this project with a cease and desist

ceballos77mx2246d ago

Nintendo should get this on the wii U, the fans want it and should secure more sales

Agent_00_Revan2246d ago

That would be great. But what's inevitably going to happen is they'll shut this down and that will be the end of it.

ceballos77mx2246d ago

Unfortunately you're right, hopefully work with this team to move it over to the wii U

Oh_Yeah2246d ago

bethesda would be the best dev to make a pokemon game for wii u. thatd be awesome if nintendo actually hit them up.

ceballos77mx2246d ago

Not a bad idea, but Bethesda would be better for a legend of Zelda, that would make me get a wii U

Oh_Yeah2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

either way, im sure there'll be some good exclusive rpg's on the wii u,the wii had monster hunter (not counting portables), the last story, and xeno blades which i missed out banking that the wii u will have even more quality rpgs and with hd, tvii, exclusives, a controller you can take on the dumper with you, and a 300$ starting price. seems like its going to be a great console imo.

Calm Down Sunshine2245d ago

Bethesda aren't good for much at the moment...

vork772246d ago

yup and with the wiiu pad it should make battle alot more fun

KillerPwned2246d ago

If Nintendo scored this project they would make so much fucking money off it. I would buy this right away.

Farsendor12246d ago

be cool select trainers from different towns so you can use different starter pokemon,choose to be apart of team rocket, and other professions.

ThatDamnGeordie2246d ago

already tried this months ago and its pretty shit..... just being honest :/.

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The story is too old to be commented.