Analysis: How games change direction

Long development can have drastic effects on a game. In fact it’s unlikely that a game will end up the way its creators envisioned it when development began.
Phil Nachum, of Press2Reset, takes a look at what games have fallen to this phenomena over the past while.

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Frankfurt2250d ago

Overstrike's art direction was gorgeouos. The picture above alone gives a nice vibe. Fuse's style just looks like generic Binary Domain/Inversion garbage.

OhMyGandhi2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

It had the unique, cartoony style of "The Incredibles", and like you said, went SPECIFICALLY for Binary Domain's art style.

GameRage2249d ago

It would have definately made it pop a little more amidst all the games out there. Now it very well might fade to the background.