The Only Best & Greatest TGS Preview: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita (Game Revolution)

The game was great, according to GR's Heath Hindman, but there was one major problem at this demo table.

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dbjj120881908d ago

Looks good! Not sure about a day 1 purchase yet though.

Dir_en_grey1908d ago

This game just won the future game award at TGS 2012.

knifefight1908d ago

Great to hear. With the way the story is built, it sounds like it's really deserving of the attention.

DivineAssault 1908d ago

Day 1! Matter of fact, MIDNIGHT!

tubers1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I hope you'd get to fight tons of smaller enemies as well in a bit of a "dungeon crawl" (DSouls)

..not just boss rooms and a central hub for the entire game .

one2thr1908d ago

I hope it has a replay, feature similar to Demons/ Dark Souls, where the player collects and beats it, and can play the game over with what they collected the previous time but then on a much harder difficulty to make it as interesting as the first time through.

DivineAssault 1908d ago

This game is NOTHING like demon/dark souls people... The art style is similar but its more of a Monster Hunter mixed with Folklore type of game.. Theres exploration throughout landscapes with lesser enemies & stuff but idk about dungeons.. More of an outdoors MH layout

one2thr1907d ago

We know, we were hoping for certain features that made another game(s) great for having them, like how demons/ dark souls being able to replay the game on a harder level of difficulty but with all the items and what no, that were acquired during the previous play through....

No one said it looks or play anything like said games...

Ultr1908d ago

hahaha awesome article! :D