Vivid Gamer: Bigfoot: Hidden Giant Review

Peter Jindra of Vivid Gamer writes, “An I Spy adventure game with a bone-chilling narrative” is probably what developer G5 had in mind with Bigfoot: Hidden Giant. Unfortunately, the final product doesn’t always realize this, although there is some good fun to be had here. Hunting for hidden objects can become boring quickly thanks to a few poor design choices, but the semi-interesting mini-games break up the monotony and freshen things up."

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Jamesmanguyperson2274d ago

G5 seems to alternate between decent games and bad games every other release.

MHenderson2274d ago

I'd argue that they alternate between bad and not entirely actively terrible...

GamePodunk2274d ago

The iPad/iPhone seems like a natural fit for hidden object games so it's too bad this one didn't work out.