Kuma’s Review of Borderlands 2 ::Spoiler Free::

Kuma Wrote: Welcome everyone to my video review of Borderlands 2. It was fun working it and I hope you all found my review enlightening for those that have not purchased the title yet. I also have additional information on the main page, so please enjoy.

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Emilio_Estevez2274d ago

I appreciate a spoiler free review.

SavageKuma2274d ago

Thanks and thats what I aim for :)

sjaakiejj2274d ago

Just started Borderlands 1. Not much happened so far, killed this random boss called 9 tails or something. It's pretty decent so far though, I expect it to improve when the story actually starts developing. So far it's more like a tutorial.

Framerate isn't great on Ps3 though, it runs a bit slow in splitscreen. Hope that's better with BL2 if I ever get it.

SavageKuma2274d ago

actually they made a lot of improvements which I talked about on the main page.