Video Game Warzone #171

Kevin Butler Incident

WSJ needs to stop reviewing games

Why Borderlands 2 is deep

The new PS3 and lack of price drop

Metal Gear Solid Rising English trailer

Why I hate Kratos and get emotionally involved in game stories and characters

The beast called the GTX 660

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stuntman_mike1736d ago

Jesus she is talented...;)

HammadTheBeast1736d ago

She has natural talents as well.

iamgoatman1736d ago

lol not even close to being natural.

Blade Runner1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Dude who cares if they are natural or not. She looks great!

iamgoatman1735d ago

Her name is Ariane Saint Amour, and her boobs look stupid even for fake boobs.

DivineAssault 1736d ago

the tits! doesnt seem like she looks bad above them either..

MrBeatdown1736d ago

Those are quite the, uh... underdomes... she has there.

ame221735d ago

I see what you did there..

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