How Will Valve Respond To The Desist Declaration For Steam's EULA?

Cinemablend "The vzbv or the Federation of German Consumer Organizations, recently put Valve under the microscope after a change in Steam's end-user license agreement back in August, which the vzbv deemed unfair to consumers. The organization has setup an ultimatum to require Valve to respond to their insistence on a change of Valve's EULA by September 26th."

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OneAboveAll2249d ago

Simple, just take steam away from Germans. That will show those bastards.

Dark_Overlord2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

That would be the stupidest thing they could possibly do. One of the things this desist declaration relates to is the new EU ruling on the resale of digital titles, they would have to block all of the EU if that was the case (The worlds biggest games market), even I don't believe Valve is as stupid as to do that :)

OneAboveAll2249d ago

If you thought I was serious then, *facepalm*

Dark_Overlord2248d ago

Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text :D

Reverent2248d ago

I know first hand from that.. People just dont appreciate good ol' sarcasm these days.

Qrphe2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Guys hey guys!!! Hey hey listen! Hey!
What if....what if.... Dark_Overlord was being sarcastic as well????

TopDudeMan2248d ago

Sarcasm over the internet is like sign language over the telephone.

awi59512248d ago

Its valves own fault they hide the fact that you are only renting games from them. And if you dont agree to their terms they take all your games from you when they decide to change the contract at a later date.

As one law maker in EU said would you rent a car for the same price as buying one? Of course you wouldnt you would just buy it. Thats what steam is doing to its consumers they should be forced to replace the buy button on steam with rent.

Elwenil2248d ago


Yeah I discovered this when they changed the user agreement recently. Mainly as a protest, I refused to agree to the terms. I found that I could not sign into Steam and therefore all my games I had purchased through them were useless and unplayable. When I complained to Steam's customer service about the lack of an option to have access to the games I had purchased under our prior agreement, I received a number of replies that I am sure were pre-approved by their legal department instructing me on how to solve password issues, log in problems and other things that had absolutely nothing to do with my inquiry.

So I was forced to agree with their new terms to use my old games but I am no longer a Steam customer and will not spend any more of my money with them.

lonesoul652247d ago

the ability to resale digital media is going to destroy the industry faster than piracy...if you think printing money was easy before...$$$

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vortis2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

I can see why Dark_Overlord said what he said, though.

It's hard to tell if you were being serious, dude. Have you seen what people are saying about this? Valve taking away Steam from Germans is a possibility because they really are in a bad bind.

There's really no telling how this will play out but no Steam for Germans doesn't seem all that impossible despite it being a pretty harsh thing to do.

kesvalk2248d ago

i seriously think they should just drop the thing already, no one is happy with the decision and this will just turn ppl away from steam.

just drop the whole thing and give ppl a apology prize (in a 75% discount on anything) and everyone will be happy!

seriously, most ppl that are unhappy with this will come back after they change it.

stubbornness is not a good thing in this industry at all...
see EA and Ubisoft.

ATi_Elite2247d ago

.....Gabe will just drop the letter into a Portal to Hell!!

Seriously what did they change that is so drastic?

all my Steam Games as still on my HDD/SSD and if Valve/Steam was exploded by a Combine attack I would still be able to play EVERY single one of them, MP included!

kesvalk2246d ago

the changes was something like "you can't sue us if something wrong happens"

basically if you buy a game, and receive a wrong cd-key, you will not be able to argue with them...

i did experience something like that in the past, and it kinda scares me if they want to go EA-style....