Dishonored: ‘we want you to express your creativity while playing’, says dev

Dishonored isn’t an open world game, but it does have a pretty open rulebook when it comes to how you approach objectives. Developer Arkane Studios has shed light on why it opted for this route and why it will benefit the player in the end.

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Psychotica2275d ago

Just counting the days until it's out..

Locksus2275d ago

Same here! I'm kinda excited that I'm getting it a few days early.

Capt-FuzzyPants2275d ago

You're only "kinda" excited that you get it early. I would be REALLY excited that I get to play it before everybody else.

Locksus2275d ago

Sorry guys, I meant I'm FREAKING THRILLED! Just tried to hide my ecxitment as it makes the waiting that much harder :(

Knight_Crawler2274d ago

Lets hope its not as disappointing as Douche Ex Human Revo...The alternate routes you could take were a big let down.

soundslike2274d ago

Yes, in a way, but only because it didn't lock out paths that you weren't spec'd for as much as the originals. I got past that and fully enjoyed it.

SolidGear32274d ago

Calling it now. GOTY nominee .. if not then I don't want to live anymore ..

ziggurcat2274d ago

since a game can be released with a half-finished dev cycle and get called GOTY, this one certainly can if it's as big of a buggy mess as skyrim...

... and then only release the DLC on two of the three platforms because they can't code their way out of a paper bag.

SolidGear32266d ago

It's been said many times but I'll say it again. This is only published Bethesda, NOT developed. Sigh -_-