MGS Social Ops dev: ‘PC format will disappear, merge with smartphone’

Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops developer GREE delivered the keynote address at this year’s Tokyo Games Show, along with the message that the lines between PCs and smartphones are blurring, before laying out its vision of the industry’s future.

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decrypt2277d ago

And where will all the tech come from if the PC format disappears lol. Its not like console makers will invest billions into that sort of research and even if they did the end result wont be as good as the that becomes available due to the constant evolving PC industry.

fermcr2276d ago

MGS Social Ops dev: ‘PC format will disappear, merge with smartphone’

Smartphones will disappear before the PC.

DeadlyFire2276d ago

What he means is that one day cloud gaming will merge PC games into the Smartphone market. So easy to misunderstand people with other languages these days. Doesn't mean PC will disolve though as ALL cloud platforms will exist on the PC while some will be exclusive to other devices in the future. Still I believe consoles with discs will exist for another long haul as well even after Cloud gaming exists, because A large portion do not like DRM and no access to their files.

AO1JMM2277d ago

The dumbest shit I have heard yet.

dredgewalker2277d ago

I agree, it's so dumb that I dare not read the article at the risk of lowering my iq by reading it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

What is the developers address? I want to send him a bitch slap through the mail.

Scenarist2277d ago

if pc dies .... there wont be a next gen for consoles...

where do you think consoles get there graphics chips from ?

pc graphics makers

blackbirdi2277d ago

i think pc and tablet will merge for sure with or without the sucess of windows 8 if windows 8 fails thats mean that all the future title will be focused on linux with possiblity that google make a pc OS based on the android in that way it will merge and even the windows 8 sucessed the merge will come anyway.... so i agress maybe the specifaction of each device will differ but it will all share the same OS

caboose322277d ago

I honestly think us PC gamers are too damn stubborn to let something like this happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.