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GTA 5: analyst ‘increasingly concerned’ it will miss March 2013 release

GTA 5 is causing concern for Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian. We reported on his thoughts over Take-Two’s recent financial slump, but he has also elaborated over his growing worries over Grand Theft Auto 5′s release date, although he is sure it will ‘be a hit’. (Grand Theft Auto V, Industry, PC, PS3, Robert W. Baird, Xbox 360)

claud3  +   974d ago
so what if it does. Not a massive deal at all

Again the game will come out when rockstar and take two feels its time it comes out.. So stop with the panic
Grap  +   974d ago
i thought when Take Two had a slump they always pulled GTA card..
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DeadlyFire  +   974d ago
I believe the new aim is to build it for all platforms current and next and releasing in 2013 or 2014. You know GTA 5 is going to have two expansions. Why miss out on having that content on the new generation platforms as well?
Romudeth  +   974d ago
Rockstar usually releases their games in May anyway so it doesn't matter if it's not out in March.
claud3  +   974d ago
It will come out, if not March or May it will come out

I am not going to cry if it does not come out in 2013 at all. I am happy to wait
blue_cheese  +   974d ago
im going to make a guess and say it is a next-gen launch title for fall 2013. doesn't make much sense releasing a game like GTA V on the back end of a consoles life cycle like the PS3 or Xbox360 in 2013.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   974d ago
Selling on current generation consoles with an install base of 120+ million or sell the game next generation with such a low install base. You tell me which makes more sense.
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blue_cheese  +   974d ago
i'd say releasing GTA V on a new console makes a lot more sense considering both Ps3 and Xbox360 are probably going to have their successors release in the next year or so. and i highly doubt all 120+ million people that own the current generation consoles are going to buy GTA V just because they own the current consoles. GTA IV released in 2008, its now going on 2013. So your telling me it makes more sense Rockstar would wait 5 years to release a new GTA on an aging console? I think it makes a lot more sense to release GTA V on a new console with new tech. I mean we only saw one trailer of the game, so we have no idea the scale, features,or anything else about the game. Im sure by your argument, GTA IV would have made more sense releasing on the PS2 and Xbox because of the larger install base compared to that of the Xbox360 and PS3 back in 2008.

im not saying i know when its releasing, i just dont see it happening on current consoles. between the lack of information, the recent release of Max Payne 3, and the constant no show at any event indicates it is at least not coming soon. its been almost a year since the trailer for GTA V and all we have is the same trailer and a few screenshots, just doesnt seem like its going to be out by spring of next yer like everyone predicted. so im skeptical GTA v would release on current generation consoles in late 2013.
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blue_cheese  +   974d ago
here is further indication of Rockstar's vagueness, http://www.rockstargames.co... . note at the end of GTA V's trailer, there are no logo's for any platforms at all. even on Rockstar's website for GTA V's game page, under release date and platforms it says TBA. so you'd have to come to the conclusion that retailers are just making assumptions that you can pre-order the game for current consoles considering Rockstar never lists any platforms. it wouldn't make very much sense for Rockstar to inform retailers of the platforms but not tell the fans or include it on their web page, there really wouldn't be anything for them to gain by doing so.
claud3  +   974d ago
why not... I feel happy to wait, even it it takes two years. No lost to me at all
SAE  +   974d ago
It doesnt look like aps4 game , i wouldassume that if they didnt show it but they did , next year will be its release date for sure

I think they will show videos for it in the end of this year ...
Jacobster  +   974d ago
Some analyst's need to be quiet and stop making comments on the back of huge brands to increase their profiles. GTA is one of those products which will sell like hotcakes irrespective of release date and timing. Obviously, Take two does need to keep shareholders happy but if I held significant stocks, I'd be reassured knowing that GTA is soon to come out either this financial year or the next.
TheMailman  +   974d ago
Believe it or not a major retail store in Portugal is taking preorders announcing a expected November 2012 release.. Do you think it's possible????
jd666  +   974d ago
Get a grip!!!
Drainage  +   974d ago
so a buggy rushed mess confirmed? cool
jd666  +   974d ago
"He is sure it will be a hit", Damn he's good!!!
medziarz  +   974d ago
it's gonna release in April, just like the last one did, far away from the spring 2012 onslaught of games
Felonycarclub8  +   974d ago
I need this game by the end of this year

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