FIFA 13 Interview with Nick Channon (GamingBolt)

"FIFA 13 is set to release soon and I talked to Nick Channon, who is the Line Producer of the game, about the improvements in this iteration of FIFA along with some interesting things like competition from Konami. The game is set to release later this month for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC"

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Britainz-Fin3st2277d ago

Just played the demo

And still has the same stupid problems.
EA chuck out another shit game and all football fans jump on it.

Perhaps someone else should be given the right to Fifa and maybe someone can make a better game then Ea.

ddurand12277d ago

buy PES if fifa doenst fulfill youre needs.

3-4-52277d ago

Really ? Everybody Except you has stated that it's a completely different game. Including the people who have spend HOURS with the game.

I trust them over you.

Bridge = 40 paces left, through the forest.