Soul Sacrifice: Monster Hunter in different clothing? | GameSpot

GameSpot: "Can Soul Sacrifice carve out its own niche, or is it riding on the success of its predecessors?"

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jc485732250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Genres like that are very popular in Japan, but why is it not the same over here? Am I missing something? Gamespot tends to pan these kind of games too.

dragonyght2250d ago

im guessing its the platform ppl over here prefer a full console exp and unified online structure. those type mostly came out on handheld (exept monster hunter tri on the wii) and the ad hoc system is not as appealing and intuitive to western gaming crowd

a fully feature console version of the this might change that but so far no Publisher willy to invest in that

jc485732250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I gotcha, but there are times you want to play it on the portable, especially if you are not at home all the time.


Shooters are alright. Just don't like it when almost every developer is making them. Come on, what else are they good at? Gamers keep saying they're the best games ever, but what about the other genres?

RivetCityGhoul2250d ago

because nothing but shooters is advertised over here which i assume you mean the US. this gen isn't like past gens where there was a wide range of diversity of advertising. everything is streamlined now with what the mainstream want, which is sad.

Qrphe2250d ago

You mean like Phantasy Star Online? Many seem to forget where MH was derived from.

Baka-akaB2250d ago

Yeah people always forget that when they wanna complain about "monster hunter clones"

Blastoise2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Even if it is its a good thing, (not saying it is) Monster hunter is a good franchise and now MH4 is gonna be 3DS exclusive its good Sony atleast have an alternative.

MasterCornholio2250d ago

True and Soul Sacrifice is being designed by Inafune so it should be pretty good. What i like the most about Soul Sacrifice is the gameplay which looks like a ton of fun and in my opinion it could end up being better than Monster Hunter. However Monster Hunter is an established franchise which is why it will sell a lot more than Soul Sacrifice.

n4f2250d ago

i want to play this game ratter than mh

NovusTerminus2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

SS is a clone of MH... So?

Most games over here are a copy of CoD or every MMO out there.

I'd prefer to have another MH then CoD.

I love MH, which came from PSO. So all in all, it is fine... Since Capcom wont give the PSV a MH game.

8bitHero2250d ago

i actually prefer god eater than monster hunter(for those who dont know god eater is a mh clone). 1 of the reasons is the AI companions. im the only one of my friends whos truly a gamer so my only options are online play or solo play + other reasons as well but im too lazy to type them iyt

Baka-akaB2250d ago

god eater even got a story for a change .

8bitHero2250d ago

thats another reason why i like it more than MH. sure the story isnt great but at least theres something there.

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