Analysts: 300k to 400k Wii Us for pre-order, Nintendo 'managing' supply chain

XMNR: Pre-orders for the Wii U sold out quickly and are currently only available as some store-specific bundles for the Basic model. A pair of game industry analysts provided comments Friday on how many Wii Us they expect to be available at launch and how Nintendo is managing the supply chain.

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Moonman2251d ago

Pachter alert, but that's a lot of units. Nintendo might do a million the first week (i'm assuming this is only USA) if they supply enough.

Hisiru2250d ago

Thanks man, I will skip this article thanks to your alert. I don't want to read more of Pacther's bs.

Jadedz2251d ago

That upgrading to the Wii U, will benefit current Wii owners. Nintendo fans will buy it regardless, so it'll be the casuals and "jaded one's" who they'll (Nintendo) have to advertise the Wii U to.

Moonman2251d ago

The fact that the Wii Remotes are backwards compatible is a major win for the perception of value and introducing the system.

Queasy2251d ago

GameStop management is probably saying, "What the heck are we going to do with all those Wiis that will get traded in?"

for we are many2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

@Moonman: Very well said and a really intelligent move by Nintendo.

Godmars2902250d ago

And what isn't good in IMO is that the wiimote as well as the classic and still needed and utilized. That this new controller can't do it all itself.

Xander-RKoS2250d ago


Nintendo has already presented the different controllers as options. Obviously, no amount of motion control in the game pad is going to have the same kind of feeling and ease of use as the wii remote,for pointing, sword swinging etc. By allowing Wii remotes, developers dont have to give up their wii remote based ideas, but now can also do it with HD graphics.

The classic and pro controllers were also introduced so that developers and gamers dont have to make or play with shoehorned gamepad controls or could get a more traditional feel. These options just make the console more appealing to a larger crowd, since games loke Call of Duty can be played with any of the controllers.

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neogeo2250d ago

Not true. Marketing 101.
Wii only sold 96 million.
The market it will be released in covers over 3 billion.
They only need to convince the 2.99 billion that missed out on the old Wii that the WiiU will be worth buying.

Sgt_Slaughter2250d ago

"ONLY sold 96 million"

The only way you can EVER use "only" for this is when comparing the Wii to the PS2 or DS.

Slapshot822250d ago

@Sgt_Slaughter ...or the iPhone 5, with is expected to sell around 58 million worldwide by January 1, 2013. ;)

Khordchange2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Gamestop Employees broke my spirit yesterday, I went to 5 different gamestops hoping that I could get a preorder. The I finally get to one that says "hey we have one!" and I was excited and about to pull my money out, then another gamestop employee comes running from no where and he says "sorry we are out. We apoligize for the confusion" Then I left pissed off :(

live2play2250d ago

aw man that sucks

well dont lose hope

a gamestop manager friend told me that it usually comes in "waves"

like first they get several units to pre order, then when those sell out. later they get more units sent, and pre orders open up again. you should get on the wait list

RememberThe3572250d ago

You can always preorder online can't you?

Knight_Crawler2250d ago

You can but they dont give you a guaranteed date of when you will get your Wii U...You could get it in Xmas or the middle o next year.

TongkatAli2250d ago

I hope it does a million first week.

Knight_Crawler2250d ago

The Wii U might actually have a chance on beating Kinect as the fastest selling electronic product of all times.

fourtwenty20092250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )


*(Saw 'Pachter'; Didn't read)

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