Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Release Date Trailer

The game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - which is based on the source mod of the same name had its release date announced a few days ago, but now a release date trailer has been announced.

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TCG_Returns2275d ago

I can't even believe they would show this off in a trailer.Some of the worst animations i have seen in years.

DarkFireHawk2275d ago

It's an Indie game so this much is expected.

shewbrookj2275d ago

Showing it in slow-mo wasn't the best idea. However, when you read some of the feedback from the gamers involved in the Beta testing, they are giving the game a lot of love. If you are on the fence as to whether to choose War of the roses or Chivalry, the view is all but unanimous (at the moment as they are both in development) that Chivalry is more fun to play and feels better in combat. WoTR plays similar to Mount and blade without the combat subtleties of M&B but is better in the graphics department. I lap this kind of game up so will check them both out when they are finished...