Halo 4 renders show Covenant character classes from Grunt to Hunter

XMNR: 343 Industries updated the Halo 4 website Friday with new character renders detailing all of the different Covenant classes that will be included in the Xbox 360 game.

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TongkatAli1977d ago

This is going to be my first 360 game : ) legendary edition baby

FarCryLover1821977d ago

Thats good, but there is no legendary edition.

DwightOwen1977d ago

I'm more interested in native res screenshots at this point than I am renders.

Summons751977d ago

really like the new designs of the covenant. From the E3 demo I thought I was gonna be a little disappointed but this helps a lot.

Queasy1977d ago

Yep, the more I see of them the more they grow on me.

Biohazard88601977d ago

looks awesome my first bought 360 game this year.

Queasy1977d ago

Yeah, the heavy in particular looks pretty badass.