Mods and their importance Mods. The diminishing medium of fan made content for their beloved titles. Once very important now as times moved on to paid DLC we see a change. It came from the growing pressure from publishers. Why release modding tools when you can release paid content. Now we have however Steam workshop and indie developers still value the modding scene. At the end of the day its additional life to their title. As a coder you want your baby to be played as much as possible. Mods can not only inspire but build upon unifinished concepts or ideas.

Just recently after years of hard work we got the Black Mesa mod. A complete revamp of our beloved Half Life 1 game. High resolution textures, modern options, and improved gameplay. All here for free. You can re-live the experience of the first title with enhanced atmosphere and gameplay. The whole environment had a touch up and it all feels like a modern title which just came out. The magical combo between the Source engine and dedication. The amount of texture work that this game has been put through is rather impressive. Even reload animations have been changed. Small details like in game computer screens, and posters have been retouched so now you can read it all. Its all wonderful and fascinating and all thanks to the modability of the title and passion of the modders. Its fair to say that Valve has noticed this as a important event for the Half Life fans, as this mod went in the first batch of Greenlight nominees. Wonderful and free.

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claud32278d ago

Mods are Mods, if they are awsome and an advance in making the game better. Then why not and more fun mods are welcome

Eldyraen2278d ago

Mods are a huge part of why PC is better than consoles. It's not the only platform that has had it available in some form though as I enjoyed playing around with things on some console games over the years (Timesplitters map making even if basic, LBP, etc).

Many of the best PC games have allowed mods of some sort (or allow for creativity in game that alters your or others' experience) and quite a few of them are top sellers. A few "creative" games: Sims and Minecraft. Mod friendly: Warcraft, Starcraft, Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, and tons of others (cant not mention Valve games).

You know something else many of them also have in common? The mods prolong the game's lifespan while also creating free publicity through gamers' creations (online especially). It helps keep the Name alive while devs create DLC, expansions or even sequels.

Hazmat132278d ago

ive been a console gamer all my life from the PS1 to the 360 and PS3 (and soon to be a WiiU) but mods are like the best DLC ever from free graphics upgrades to someones own twist on the game with a new storyline or multiplayer option. mods are awesome. and if one day PC and console come together then gaming will truly be complete.