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Borderlands 2 is an extremely entertaining shooter RPG but the RPG part of that equation needs some work. If you set your game in a vast open world, you should actually put something in that world. If you give players character progression options, you should make these options meaningful. It's sad to see the potential of Borderlands 2 being held back by issues that should've been addressed in the first game. Borderlands was the best shooter RPG around and by improving on that formula a bit, Borderlands 2 assumes the mantle. It could've been so much more, though.

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Reverent2246d ago

I'm guessing the reviewer only played the game for about an hour.

Megaton2246d ago

No kidding. I just finished it tonight after 46 hours of play time on Steam. Amazing game, much bigger and better than the first.

Allsystemgamer2246d ago

Obviously. Being in college I haven't much time to play and being in media and being forces to buy a damn Mac (shudders) I can't mobile play it either. Good thing I got a custom desktop at home waitin for me to blow up some midgets.

KwietStorm2246d ago

Actually I'd have to agree with him, and this was before I even bought the game. I would think it would be obvious, but there really isn't anything dynamically different in the sequel. Doesn't make it a bad game, just the majority being more of the same. I think Borderlands gets a pass in this instance from many people because its just a purely fun game and one of the best coop experiences available.

xPhearR3dx2246d ago

That's not a "pass". That's just what you call a good game. Borderlands fans including myself wanted more of the same, just bigger and more bad ass. That's what we got and I'm a happy customer.

CrimsonessCross2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Loving the game regardless. Of course we have played the game before, it is keeping the core of the game the same but improved in many others, although there are other spots needing or needed to be worked on. I hope to see a much stronger impact with the skills later on that makes skills much more worth the points you're given, but only have so many of :P

The game for me blows many others out of the water. It is such a unique and enjoyable solo experience that it keeps me coming back. I would say co-op but I barely even played the first cooperatively. That, and the loot is shared in between players so here's hoping you play with people who understand that (especially with games coming out today having or being all about getting loot all your own that no one else can see). Just play fair and don't be an ash-hat :)

I hope to see some amazingly enjoyable content down the road in wonders of what they are going to add into the game. I was happy with the Zombie, Noxx and Robolution DLCs though :)

Lord_Sloth2246d ago

I don't know why everybody expects a franchise to have to change drastically each title. If they did what would be the point of a franchise at all?

Evolution over time is fine, but completely giving it a makeover in a single title is just silly.

CerebralAssassin2246d ago

People just don't seem to understand that. One day everyone will complain about a game not changing enough and claim they are buying a $60 expansion. Then when the game makes a big change, they bitch about it not being the same game. Recent example is the RE series or CoD. Don't disagree with me just because I'm right. My point is, generally speaking, people ultimately don't like change. The people that "want" change don't outweigh the people that don't.

taquito2246d ago

borderlands 2 is great, been playing with 2-3 other friends on steam and having a blast

as far as shooter rpg's go though, it doesn't even hold a candle to the stalker series, stalker games are damn near the best, if not THE best shooters of any kind ever created.

borderlands in like a slightly watered down diablo in fps

stalker is like silent hill mixed with bf3 mixed with diablo mixed with the witcher

and it is freaking smexy

Reverent2246d ago

I can't even believe you're comparing Borderlands with Stalker. Let alone any of those games at all.

vortis2241d ago

that kind of makes sense, though. Borderlands could be like STALKER if it were more dynamic and less static. But I don't think the consoles would be able to handle a game like that due to RAM issues.

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