Does Japan Hate PC Gaming? - PC Gaming at Tokyo Game Show 2012

Japan, the home of Sony and Nintendo, has always been known for being a console-loving country. But at Tokyo Game Show this year, companies like Alienware, Razer and Turtle Beach all have a presence. Just what IS the state of PC Gaming in Japan?

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NYC_Gamer1908d ago

PC gaming is more based around western culture.

Muffins12231908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

More european acully,go to Germany and there's alot more pc gamers there.Korea also has a stronger pc fanbase than western culture...

dkgshiz1908d ago

I doubt it. They just play Starcraft and Blizzard games.

frjoethesecond1908d ago


There are tons of korean MMO's.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

and korea is the largest pc gaming nation.
Koreans make rpgs and mmos for pc all the time.

The last and only open platform for gaming <3

For me pc gaming is less about power and more about barely any cod clones devs trying new think(ps3 also devs try new things I have noticed) and user based content. Can't find a shooter like this on console right now.

I would like to see a valve japan studio one day.

But would this mean that square enix ff14 online is mostly for western audience?

ATi_Elite1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

The Japanese love PC Gaming. It's just that Korea loves PC Gaming even more so than any country on Earth therefore the Japanese PC Gaming community gets looked over.

Korea is big on RTS, mostly Starcraft, MMO's and Mobas. (Starcraft is Korea's National Sport)
United States is big on everything
Europe is big on everything
Brazil is big on FPS
Russia is big on RTS and FPS
Japan is big on Fighters RTS, MMO's and anything Anime
China is big on Fighters and MMO's

all the world plays PC Games as there is over 250 million active online PC Gamers worldwide and it's just that some countries like Korea just have a more Popular gaming base but every country with a good Internet infrastructure enjoys the wonderful world of PC Gaming.

Outside_ofthe_Box1908d ago

Console is just more popular and better overall than PC gaming so it's no surprise that PC gaming took a back seat at TGS.

Mini05101907d ago

Better overall? what a fanboy...
more like better in specific areas.

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reynod1908d ago

I think PC gaming is making a strong comeback, specially with consoles being so old. Most of my friends who used to play on consoles are now back on PC.

I think this time they probably will stick to PC its because most console games getting released are already on the PC. Most of them have been gaming on PC since the last 2-3 years. They have built good libraries with all the Steam discounts. Great part is the libraries only tend to get bigger had they bought those games on console, with the introduction of the next gen all those games would be unplayable on the next consoles.

Hence i think Multiplats PC
Exclusives consoles.

Sargerus1908d ago

PC gaming in Japan : Erotic and social friendly games

stragomccloud1908d ago

That's because a lot of people don't actually own PCs. They'll have a laptop at most. Most Japanese are content to do most things on the cell phone, or go to manga kissaten(like an internet cafe) if they really need one. Spent 4 months over there, and this was just something I noticed.

frjoethesecond1908d ago

Indeed. PC's take up too much room for the space concious.

frjoethesecond1908d ago

And this is relevant, because why?

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