Torchlight 2 Errors, Crashes, Steam, Connect, Lag and Graphics Fixes

SegmentNext - "Video Games Critics believe that if you are a Diablo fan, you sure are going to like Torchlight 2. Runic Games has done a descent job and with the game supporting peer-to-peer multiplayer and modding, Torchlight 2 is a treat for PC community"

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thezeldadoth2274d ago

its ok, its not D3 so its allowed to have problems.

Myst2274d ago

The cutscene going in and out was kind of an annoyance and had some problems with slow down overall though still enjoying the game. Have to tear myself away from it every now and again though to do troubling things like eat, sleep and use the bathroom...

cleft52274d ago

For all it's problems, at least I can still play the game if I am not able to connect online.

CrimsonessCross2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I lost an item to some sort of conflict with the game, but everything else was still as it was :/ (probably just a strange thing)

It asked me to either upload to cloud or download to drive...was hard to choose, and might be the cause. :/

Overall, I don't care and am able to make better. I even snapped a pic of the unique staff I had that disappeared. Every other unique I stashed of course is/was still there >.<

Amazing game though :)

Myst2274d ago

With a game like TL2 though I'm sure soon enough you'll find something that out classes// out matches that staff in no time :o

CrimsonessCross2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Pretty much the way I thought about it (especially only being around 25-26 myself, i'll see if i can post the link here) I already have something that popped higher, but to have had the chance to use it would've been nice :P I just forget what i'm using but I know it was three sockets :)

This is that awesome staff (at that point in time)

Dasteru2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I have currently logged about 23 hours in online multi and haven't experienced any lag or server issues yet, other than not being able to play the entire first day because of Runic's site being down and unable to link my steam account.

Got on late at night around about 11pm and its been smooth sailing since.