Over 70% Of The Games At The Tokyo Game Show Are For Phones And Tablets

Kotaku: There has been a lot of news coming from the Tokyo Game Show this year. We’ve heard about Metal Gear and Phoenix Wright and a host of other games for and from Sony and Nintendo, as we have come to expect.

And yet the console and handheld games that so many of us are fans of make up just a tiny minority of what’s on display at the TGS this year. IGN broke down the numbers, and created a list outlining how many games are at the show by platform. The numbers are surprising

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Trunkz Jr2279d ago

It's easier to make cheap games and show them off, so of course there will be more, does not make them better tho.

NewMonday2279d ago

if they want to make tablet/phone games then fine, but make good ones

turn based JRPGs and adventure games like Ace Attorney/Professor Lyton/999 don't need physical controls so at least bring us games like these, not wast time and money looking for the next Angry Birds

crxss2278d ago

well now, this is an interesting statistic.

t0mmyb0y2279d ago

It's kind of like the Wii (compared to PS3/360). How many people own a 360/Wii/PS3 compared to Smart Phones? If you can make cheap games and millions of people buy it because it's cheap your going to want to take advantage of that business.

killerhog2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Yup it's exactly how dedicated console gaming started. Devs were making cheap console games; and people bought it, but now, it's expensive to develope on consoles. So now games cost more money as well. I notice people are less willing to buy games more than 99 cents for mobile devices though; and its only going to get more expensive developing on mobile as well. Which means, more money to develope and games costing more, and even less people buying them.

TronEOL2278d ago

And this is exactly why you'll see more developers move to these types of small games as their primary source. Especially in the current age of developers dying off, and everyone wanting money.

What sounds better?
Developing a game for 25-50 million dollars that either is a hit or miss.
Making a game for far less with less people needed to develop, have less content, and have plenty of micro-transactions?

This could either just be a small phase, or it could be something that will effect the gaming industry in a much bigger way.

SolidStoner2278d ago

@ killerhog

that long time ago, simple small games wasn't cheap or simple little games! :)

dredgewalker2278d ago

Games were much more expensive back then when they used cartridges which were very expensive to make.

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XB1_PS42279d ago

They probably had one Ipad, and one Iphone on a table in a corner with 365 games on them.. Lol

princejb1342279d ago

im not a big fan of mobile gaming
for example the zenonia games on iphone and android can be very addicting and are excellent
but the touch screen controls don't suit it very well
sometimes i try to turn right only for my character to go up instead

il stick to my console gaming and real handheld gaming like the vita and 3ds

Slapshot822278d ago

If you enjoyed Zenonia and want a great iOS RPG, give Dragon Fantasy a try. It throws the static virtual D-pad in the garbage and ops for one that can be used anywhere on the screen, just slide your finger where you want to go. It works really well and the sequel, Dragon Fantasy: Book II, is coming to Vita early next year.

It's well worth it's $2.99 asking price.

Infiny2278d ago

Agreed, but the main "problem" is that a lot of developers are leaving traditional console/handheld development for Mobile Development precisely because it's cheaper.

And for consoles/handheld, that's a real issue.

Wintersun6162278d ago

True, but at the same time new spots and opportunities are opened for new developers to step up. I'm sure there's plenty of very capable and gifted people who want to develop games for dedicated gaming systems.

princejb1342278d ago

that sucks
well if they want to can move to mobile gaming
but they not getting my money

neogeo2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I'm really enjoying the Ipad 3 with it's powerful quad core GPU. It's got 2x times higher res then 1080p

PRO's: Real racing 2 makes froza or GT5 look like ps2 games. It's mind blowing. Also tons of exclusives Apple has locked in are on the way.

Cons: 1.I still want buttons and not ONLY a touch screen.
2. Even though some of the graphics rival PS3 games they still feel like demos and uncompleted.
3. You become stuck with the empire of Apple and I don't like there slavery/take over the world ideals.

one2thr2278d ago

And this is an Ipad game you speak of?...
"Hey let's play this IPad game with 15 other peopple and do a 200 lap endurance race, oh wait... nevermind" fml
Let's keep smartphone and super smartphone gaming separate from REAL gaming shall we... No 99 cent game can keep my interest longer than a game that I can play on a REAL console(including handheld consoles as well Vita, 3ds...)

neogeo2278d ago

I disagree with Neogeo.

Slapshot822278d ago

Apple simply allows developers to put their games on their marketplace. Developers flock to the iOS platform(s), because it's a powerful, stable platform that has a massive install base and it also doesn't update with new hardware on a weekly basis like Android.

Try being an Android developer and keeping up with all the new devices releasing, let alone keeping your game(s) running on all of them -- it's ludicrous.

XB1_PS42278d ago

The only thing that looks half way good in Real Racing 2 is the cars.. The scenery looks like pixely poo. -_-

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LackTrue4K2278d ago

yep....a ps3/xbox game new run up to worth 60 dollars (glad i got my borderlands 2) and on the iphone there....what? like 1.99?? they need to sell 30 iphone games to TRY and get the same value as 60 games.
"witch in IMO, they never will be of the same value"

monkey6022278d ago

Except that 60$ you speak of is not pofit. A full blown console game can require millions of dollars and years to make. An IOS game can be made in a much shorter time frame by a lot less staff and the budget is a fraction. If a mobile game sells quick enough it can turn a profit very fast and it is much more accessible to a much larger install base. Unfortunately you can see why developers are moving over.

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dirthurts2278d ago

Tablet/phone gaming will never replace console gaming. Developers know this, and they'll keep cranking out games as long as the consumers are paying for them.
If anything, it's simply more competition, and that is always good for the consumer.
I say bring it on!

Ethereal2278d ago

Should be more focus on console platforms imo.

dirthurts2278d ago

You're suggesting that small teams of 1 to 5 people should instead of making mobile games, dedicate themselves to bigbox titles for the major consoles?
Exactly where, and how would a small team (if there is even more than one person) come up with the resources to do that?
Most mobile games are made by a single person, or a very small team of about 5. There is no way these tiny studios (if you can call them that) could ever pull off a console game.

schlanz2278d ago

cloud gaming will replace console gaming. and you can utilize the cloud on a tablet/phone, hook it up to your tv and use a bluetooth controller. game/set/match

Slapshot822278d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. Tablet/Smartphone game has an install base that's all but insurmountable. While it will most likely never "take over" the gaming market as a whole, it is here to stay and it is changing the gaming industry as a whole.

While Nintendo has a niche that won't be broken any time soon with it's incredible first party games that greet a new generation of gamers with each new consoles release, Sony and Microsoft both have to be really smart with every move they make to stay competitive and viable in this new shift of the industry.

Independent gaming is literally taking the world by storm. C++ experts are getting younger by the day and getting more value for you money is never a bad thing for the consumer. There are great games on mobile platforms (e.g. Real Racing, Reckless Racing 2, Dragon Fantasy, Super Hexagon, etc.), but you have to pay real money to get them, like you should.

Ethereal2277d ago

I never said anything about small teams working on mobile games. I realize the market it there, but the console industry will wither and die without the indie developers. The industry needs innovation not yearly installments of cod.

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Jazz41082278d ago

Sounds like the Toyko game show this year and gamerscon is going down hill fast for console gamers when no one is wanting to even go to those two shows anymore.

yesmynameissumo2279d ago

100% of the coverage has been consoles and portables.

Summons752279d ago

if this is true then I weep for the future of the gaming industry

StrawHatPatriot2279d ago

Wii U already started it, I think consoles in the future might make they're controllers be all-purpose devices that you can bring anywhere.

Summons752279d ago

but the WiiU's controller only has a range of 30 feet or something like that it's not a handheld system on the side.

Although if the WiiU's controller is used to it's fullest potential, I wouldn't mind seeing Sony or MS adopt the idea too. That's only IF developers can use the potential of console gaming with a normal tv and touchscreen controller.

TongkatAli2279d ago

I'm hoping Sony rips off Nintendo tablet controller for ps4. Its a brilliant idea.

t0mmyb0y2279d ago

I'm giving you neg bubbles for grammar.


And consoles don't make controllers, people do :D

ninjabake2278d ago

Negative bubble for immaturity.

I'm pretty sure you knew what he meant. Don't be nitpicky about it.

Wintersun6162278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

If you were supposed to bubble people down for bad grammar, then there would be a button for it. Bad language is not for that purpose.

t0mmyb0y2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Some people take things to seriously lol Did you guys not see the big smiley face

RFornillos42279d ago

@StrawHatPatriot, totally agree. And with more and more dev engines coming in to support Wii U, developing games for tablets/smartphones with touch capabilities would be totally logical to port over to Wii U through Nintendo eShop, benefits both parties. Game Devs gets a piece of the pie of console gamers, and Nintendo gets 3rd party indie support as well as increased user-base.

Perhaps Miiverse, as the main social component of Wii U, in the future will also host online games like those of Zynga in Facebook.

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