Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - Hands-on [UpperPad]

After more than a roaring start, the new Sony portable house fell into oblivion a few months in which there were no significant outputs, or better to say that there were no outlets in general. During the conference pre GamesCom the Japanese manufacturer has tried to patch up the total forgetfulness that led PlayStation Vita off the big stage at E3. Should therefore reach the important titles, both products directly from Sony that third-party developers. Liberation Assassin's Creed III is part of the latter category.

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andrewer2248d ago

I want to know if there is a big limitation in NPCs per screen as LEGO Batman 2 has in the PS Vita...

TENTONGUN2248d ago

i feel ya. dynasty warriors has a few on screen though,,,,so maybe the vita can handle it somewhat.

rpd1232247d ago

So do I. That's what will push it over as a true AC experience for me. Bloodlines for the PSP had pretty much the same combat system and weapons but only had like 2 NPCs per screen which really made it feel weird.