GameTap: Samurai Warriors: Katana Review - "Stabbing samurai has never been so boring"

Alex Navarro of GameTap writes: Koei deserves credit for exactly one thing regarding Samurai Warriors: Katana, and that's that it's different. This isn't yet another third-person hack-and-slash snoozefest set in ancient Japan like all its Samurai Warriors forebears. It's a first-person hack-and-slash snoozefest set in ancient Japan. Hey, at least that's something.

Sadly, apart from the shift in perspective and dedication to on-rails progression, Katana is as dull, if not duller, than the last spate of uninspired action games to come out of Koei's Asian history stab factory. And even if you're one of those desperately dedicated folk who still has a soft spot in their heart for the monotony of those games, you'll still likely be disappointed by the changes made here.

There is something to be said for Koei going in a slightly different direction with Katana. It shows a willingness to evolve its core franchises beyond the dregs of monotony that they've been stuck in for the better part of the last decade. Now if that willingness to change could just translate into something enjoyable, and not something mind-numbingly tedious like Samurai Warriors: Katana, then we'd really be getting somewhere.

Pros: Plenty of modes and campaigns to play through; control scheme is at least well-conceived.

Cons: Motion controls aren't nearly responsive enough; game design is a combo of painfully boring and annoyingly frustrating; bargain basement production values.

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