Microsoft compares Halo to Call of Duty

GameSpot writes: Gamers have long drawn comparisons between chart-topping shooter franchises Halo and Call of Duty, but now Microsoft has commented on the similarities.

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aviator1892275d ago

Shouldn't the title read "343i employee Frankie compares....?"

bubblebeam2273d ago

Well whatever gets them more hits.
Frankie is classy, he was responding to why comparisons are drawn between Halo and CoD, he didn't randomly bring CoD into it.

And he is right, CoD mostly favours those who have played more (weapon unlocks and perks) whereas Halo is more of an even playing field. It takes about 0.2 seconds of fire to kill someonne in CoD with a machine gun if that, whereas in Halo it takes AT LEAST 2 seconds to kill someone with an assault rifle.

That's quite a long time, so ultimately skills prevails, not connection. Not meaning to sound as if I hate CoD, just stated facts between kill times.
Both are worthy of their status.