'Bayonetta 2' would not exist without Nintendo, says Platinum Games

"Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes," says Atsushi Inaba, executive director at Platinum Games.

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Moonman2246d ago

Just imagine if Nintendo saved Shenmue 3 or something like that. Shouldn't gamers be happy by this?

dark-hollow2246d ago

any company that brings shenmue III will have my soul.

seriously i miss that game :(

Moonman2246d ago

And the great thing about it. They can find a buddy with a WiiU, rent the game, beat it and be done. Hardly no money spent. I think B2 will benefit from ground up development on WiiU instead of multiplatform buggy ports. Either way, someone would complain about some hair sized

Carl_Shocker2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

You could easily say that Bayonetta as a franchise exsists because of the fans who bought it on the PS3 and 360.

It works both ways people seem to forget that

Pretty sure if they put it on hold for a few months they would of found a publisher to release it on all platforms...cough cough Konami

Phil322246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Soon you'll come to the stage of acceptance on your journey through the stages of grief.

Carl_Shocker2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago ) what are you going on about

Im just stating the must of done kind of well thanks to PS3 anf 360 fans to get SEGA to think about and start Bayonetta 2 off in the first place.

Dont be immature...come on

victoryscreeeeeech2246d ago

Why does konami need to wait, no publisher wanted this game, if they really wanted it they would not need to wait "a few months". It could have sold a ton more multiplatform but no one wanted it.

Moonman2246d ago

But so many franchises die or never ever return. No matter who made it popular it goes away and only fan websites keep it alive. At least the Bayonetta franchise won't die or never return. I wish a new Earthbound (aka Mother) was being made.

live2play2246d ago

ahhh my brain Dx it hurts!

that doesnt make any sense!

you could easily say that bayonetta exists because of the fans who bought it...???

so let me get this straight...
bayonetta was brought into existence the second someone bought the game?

how could bayonetta be made because of the fans who bought bayonetta if there was no bayonneta?

you seem to imply they made bayonetta because fans bought bayonetta

my brain hurts

Ilovetheps42246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Or maybe.... the lack of sales is the reason Nintendo had to fund it. If the series had lived up to expectations, then they probably would have made a sequel on PS3 and 360. But apparently, Sega didn't think it was worth it. And so Nintendo stepped in and put the funds up.

In my opinion, they had higher expectations for the first game. The game didn't meet those expectations. So here we are.

nukeitall2246d ago

Who you should really blame is really the consumers and MS/Sony. MS/Sony didn't support it, nor did enough consumers either.

I bought it at $20 and regretted it, but that isn't to say it isn't a good game. It was just not to my taste.

I understand the fans, but in light of all the facts, shouldn't fans be happy that the game is at least getting a release.

If I knew a new Ninja Gaiden was made by Itagaki on any platform, I would jump for joy (albeit prefer it on my Xbox 360)!

oricon2245d ago

And its thanks to Nintendo fans that Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Castlevania, Tales Series etc and alot more titles, see what i did?

NeXXXuS2245d ago

Bayonetta was actually advertised fairly well when it was out. I played it at my boyfriend's house and bought it when I got back home. I've already replayed the game about 3 times but it was very fun each playthrough. I do hope that it goes multiplat a few months after release though because I really wanted the second one to be made really bad.

Ashriel2245d ago

Actually, it was the lack of enough PS360 buyers that made sega cancel bayo 2.

cruxito2245d ago

totally agree with you, I, too, bought 2 copies of bayonetta, one to loan to my friends.

The game sold well to cut even, but Sega didnt spent a single penny for Bayonettas Marketin.

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rainslacker2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Don't say that...that's blasphemy...Shenmue should only release on a Sega console. Sega must make a new console and release Shenmue for it, else they betray their fans. /s

Christopher2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

To be honest, I really don't care if someone saved Bayonetta 2. The first wasn't my type of game, highly doubt the second will be either.

I think this got saving because it is a "core" game that appeals to Japanese gamers and Nintendo wants more core games for their Japanese market since third-parties in other markets tend to provide a lot of those type of games already. That's the only reason I can think of.

SilentNegotiator2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

But the only reason the sequel needed to be "saved" is because SEGA is as jumpy as EA, and so they took 2 million Bayonetta sales (FOR A BRAND NEW FRICKIN IP) to be bad.

Bayonetta 2 shouldn't have needed "saving" in the first place, which is what makes this so infuriating; SEGA is just being stupid again.

They probably could have released on WiiU, ps3, and 360 and sold 3 million minimum.

Theyellowflash302245d ago

Do you know the financial report for Bayonetta? Nobody knows how much it costs to make, how many copies were sold at $60 compared to a lower price point. Just because it sold 2 million copies doesn't mean it made money.

SilentNegotiator2240d ago

If a linear beat em up needed to sell MORE than 2 million to make even, they are incredibly idiotic and wasteful.

Instigator2245d ago

The funny thing is that Shenmue sold less than Bayonetta and most gamers including me haven't even played it, but the notority and seemingly high-profile nature of it would cause a much bigger uproar.

Most people just want a game to be on their console so they can say so.

Sono4212245d ago

Gamers are, it's the fanboys that aren't.

Muffins12232245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

Considering most of this gamers dont like the wii,its like your trying to force a gamer to buy a shitty console that you dont want and you just want to play one of your favorite games...but with this bayonette game they bought,im okay with that because it would of never existed anyway... its like something Microsoft does(gears halo fable etc)

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DigitalAnalog2246d ago

Had they address this from the beginning they wouldn't have this drama by the fans. This is the problem with many developers, they expect the lack of awareness is something they can take for granted.

dark-hollow2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

and how could platinum address that problem themselves?
they cant fund and publish bayonetta 2 by themselves, and sega didnt give a flying fudge about the series.

after all they didnt deliberately just said screw 360/ps3 fans, we are going to the wii u! they basically had little choice, and really, put yourself in their shoes.

you are a studio with great franchise that have potential to expand into further sequels, and nintendo came and basically would fund and publish your game, would you say no? and lets have a reality check people, do you HONESTLY believe any major third party publisher would waste their money on bayonetta 2 in the age dominated by shooters? even konami instead of buying the right to bayonetta and let platinum release it, the let them play it safe and made a hack and slash game based on the MGS universe which is a guaranteed hit for the brand alone.

and even in theory if they had a chance to go with another major third party publisher, would you really think they would let more than 100 million base of gamers for a new console that have none? and do you think seriously that nintendo is the kind of companies that can throw money around snatching games for it to being exclusives on their system? its not microsoft that we are talking about here, and am not saying nintendo cant afford to money hat, but if they would, you would figure they would go with a bigger franchise with bigger fanbase, as nintendo are known for keeping it "safe" and releasing/ publishing games that are guaranteed to be a hit of some sort.

ElectricKaibutsu2246d ago

I agree with you but what I think DigitalAnalog meant was that they should have addressed the issue by explaining to fans why their game is being published by Nintendo instead of Sega.

rainslacker2246d ago

They actually were pretty quick to explain this...the same day the game was announced actually. Before then it was kept under wraps, and to get ahead of it would have ruined the announcement.

DigitalAnalog2246d ago

Thank you. Someone actually read my statement in it's correct context.

Darth Stewie2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Blame Sega if your mad that the game is exclusive to the Wii U but thank Nintendo because without them this sequel would not exist. I does suck that the game won't appear on the platforms that the game started on but at least those fans are getting the opportunity to even play a sequel.

bubblebeam2246d ago

Very true. If anything it's SEGA's fault.

I do feel for Bayonetta fans though, they as loyal fans deserve the right to be asking questions. Sony and Microsoft could have went to them as well, but given the first was a horrible port job on ps3, I can see why Sony would steer clear, not to mention they are re-structuring at the moment to focus more on their core studios.

For those of you who were getting the Wii U regardless, good luck to you. For those who weren't and/or aren't, life is a b****., and I feel for you.

NastyLeftHook02246d ago

be grateful there even making a new one.

yesmynameissumo2246d ago

I think it's a "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" situation. Platinum Games obviously wanted to make a sequel, desperately needed publisher. Nintendo obviously wants core gamers, desperately needed core credibility. The partnership helps both get what they want, while giving gamers (granted Wii U gamers) the game they've been requesting. I have no issue with exclusivity. I don't feel entitled to get the game on my console of preference. I just want to see more of this (along with other reasons to own a Wii U) on the platform and it not become the home to Disney Princess Wii U Fit Edition, Babysitting Mama w/ Jonah Hill or Cook This Shit You Punk Ass Little Kid.

live2play2246d ago

cook this shit you punk ass little kid

xD i would actually play that

and thats what ive been trying to get across to many raged fans

platnium was making the wonderful 101 for wiiu

that helped them build a relationship with nintendo

so platnium had a peanut butter
nintendo had chocolate

mixed those two and reeses peanutbutter cu- i mean bayonetta 2 was born

nintendojunkie282245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

Heeey!...I happen to like 'Babysitting Mama w/ Jonah Hill'.

Clearly,one of the best games this gen.