International Release of Persona 4 Golden to Have Only English Dub but No Region Restrictions

ATLUS USA have released new information on their upcoming release of Persona 4 Golden. Additional information including sales of the Solid Gold Premium Edition, two new screenshots and the English Dub / No Region Restriction can be found in the article.

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Snookies122276d ago

Awesome! All that extra stuff and super fast loading sounds wonderful to me!

RmanX10002276d ago


nyobzoo2275d ago

Golden Edition already preordered

rezzah2275d ago

I would have gotten it if i didn't have the LE case, and well if it came with some better things than stickers.

Godmars2902275d ago

Only makes it a bit confusing why the PS3 version of the game was locked. Learned their lesson from fan backlash?

Godmars2902275d ago

Still Atlus. Still Persona. Though it is English only.

amaguli2275d ago

Persona 4 Arena was region locked to prevent Japanese fans from importing the North American version at a cheaper cost. Also, the call to lock it was made by Atlus Japan.

DivineAssault 2275d ago

as long as it doesnt happen with everything else, im good.. I have arena in english so im happy.. This will be a fine addition to my vita.. It just sucks knowing ima have to cough up $80 for a 32GB card as soon as PS Battle comes around.. Time to start cashing in my reward points..