How to change the new super-slim PS3 hard drive

Puzzling over how to replace the hard drive in the new super-slim PlayStation 3? Check out Gamespot's handy guide that'll have you up and running in minutes.

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Tyrone_Biggums2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Glad sony hasnt gone propitiatory on the hard drive...more money for some this and that.

NeXXXuS2189d ago

Your username and avatar are pretty amazing lol

black9112189d ago

what about my username and avatar?

jsslifelike2189d ago

So, does anyone know if this applies to the 12GB Euro version as well?

Knight_Crawler2189d ago

@Black911 - Your user name is racist and your avatar team is the garbage of the NFL.


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morkendo232189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

my main concern is not changable HARDDRIVE but more interested in YLOD issues being fixed,fan over heating being fixed,reballing for lead "heatsink" graphic issues fixed.
this ps3 maybe SUPER slim but will it have these same SUPER problems???

wnek92189d ago

there is also the powersupply going out thats what happend to my slim

sjaakiejj2189d ago

" YLOD issues being fixed"

... That's not a hardware issue. It may occasionally be a manufacturing issue, but generally it is a user issue - if you don't take proper care of your electronic equipment, it will break. If it were a hardware issue, it would be far more widespread. Alas, it's not.

Jaybronee2189d ago

My fat and slim PS3 are still running fine after all these years...quit trolling.

Brawler2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

@Jaybronee Same here my I had to replace my 60GB ps3 twice once due to hard drive failure other time to blu ray drive failing. Since that I haven't had a single issue with this replacement 60GB ps3.

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Maddens Raiders2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

your username doesn't make any damn sense and your avatar.. well your avatar is just dumb. 'At's a lotta trash talk from a team that just started winning Super Bowls in *the 21st century.


Godmars2902190d ago

And they still have the blue screw that burrs if you don't use the exact right screwdriver.

SaffronCurse2189d ago

It implodes and destroys everything within the console.

DarkBlood2189d ago

riiiiight well that sure as hell didnt happen to me and i used a butter knife before using a screwdriver before o.o

Soldierone2189d ago

Lmao I used a pocket knife because my screwdriver was gone and I had no issues with it.

Pretty much any screw will get messed up if you don't know what you are doing, which seems to be the issue here (aka blue screw that burns) .

gaffyh2189d ago

He said BURR, not burn. Burr is technical term meaning when the head on the screw gets messed up. Never happened to me on the blue screw, but has happened to me on a laptop screw.

BitbyDeath2189d ago

The blue screw is evil, wish they could just use a simple clamp

DlocDaBudSmoka2189d ago

the blue screw strips, is what he is trying to say. as in he stripped the screw and cant get his screwdriver to remove it anymore.

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Knight_Crawler2189d ago

I have actually smashed a PS3 from rage because of that dam blue screw.

I almost did it again but I took to my local electronic store and they took on the worn out blue screw for 15 bucks.

dudeOplenty2189d ago

video gaming is the least of your problems, brother.

sjaakiejj2189d ago

Drill it out if you burr it.

Generally you should always take care when picking the screwdriver, regardless of the screw you're trying to remove. As a rule of thumb, never attempt to remove a (possibly) tight screw with a screwdriver that is either too large or too small.

Vortex3D2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

First you need to use a screwdriver that is perfect fit. Don't use a screwdriver head that is slightly too large or too small.

Second, wonder why Sony would use such an easy to strip screws? Sony doesn't like home users to do the hard drive upgrade themselves. If they do, they better be careful or the screw is permanently stuck. I know what all you will say but the fact is if you want to do it yourself can't get a perfect fit screwdriver, then tough luck. If you do somehow break the hard drive doing it yourself, how many will admit it to Sony?

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kingPoS2189d ago

The screws on my ps3 hdd were on so tight, I had to use pliers. That's a torture of 30 min I wish to never repeat.

Anon19742189d ago

I think I had my drive out and replaced within 2 minutes each, on both my units. It couldn't have been easier. Wonder what happened to yours? Maybe heat or something?

LKHGFDSA2189d ago

Yeah just for the record I've had no problem at all switching HDDs on PS3s and I've done on at least 4 different consoles.
It's very easy.

kingPoS2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

The hdd came from my now dead 60gb ps3. I was taking out the 120gb hdd so could put the original 60gb drive back in. I guess I put those screws on a little too tight eh. lol

mushroomwig2189d ago

I had the same problem, the blue screw was incredibly easy but those HHD caddie screws nearly drove me insane. I ended up chucking it out and using the new HHD without the caddie...that was over a year ago and it still works fine.

pupa2189d ago

If you do not know how to use tools and use the wrong screwdriver DO NOT BLAME it on the PS3 or Sony.

mushroomwig2189d ago

I'm not blaming Sony, I'm blaming the factory that made that particular console. You can act like a fanboy all you want but mistakes do happen from time to time and it's very easy for the screws to become stripped.

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