Halo 4 Infection Confirmed

Halo 4 Nation writes: posted the French OXM for the month, revealing the changes coming to Halo 4 Infection (now called Flood).

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TrevorPhillips1316d ago

That look's awesome!!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! :D

Knight_Crawler1316d ago

I remember the first time I faced the flood I was scared sh!tlees.

Hope infection brings back that feeling.

FarCryLover1821316d ago

Theres no flood in the game period. The game is rated M for just blood and violence. If there were flood, it'd be for "blood and gore".

FarCryLover1821316d ago

Okay, I'm an idiot then. This looks legit.

Knight_Crawler1316d ago

You are not idiot and you are somewhat correct.

The single player campaign is rated M for just blood and violence and the food will not be in the single player just the multiplayer which online multiplayer is never rated.

FarCryLover1821316d ago

I didn't know Multiplayer wasn't rated for content. Interesting..

GameOn1316d ago

but the flood don't have blood they have green/beige goo.

Allsystemgamer1315d ago

But they have human organs and spill every where.

Knight_Crawler1316d ago

Multiplayer only...which kind of sucks but I guess having it in the MP only is better than not having no flood.

Allsystemgamer1316d ago

How doe it suck? It's better than spartan running around with swords for zombies.

Allsystemgamer1316d ago

I've been hoping for this since 3. Hopefully they have different models such as the armor variant the Spartan was wearing and color and the infection is spreading through it. Makes each match unique :3