Dragon Age 3: Inquisition - 5 lessons Dragon Age can learn from the Mass Effect series

With Dragon Age 2, BioWare opted for a constricted city instead of diverse locales, political intrigue rather than ancient evil, and simplified RPG elements over complexity and customization. There are many among us who were not thrilled with the direction BioWare went with its Dragon Age franchise after the first installment.

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Rowland2192d ago

there's only ONE thing Bioware can learn from: The Elder Scrolls & Fallout Series (without bugs of course).

ab5olut10n2192d ago

The only thing DA needs to learn from ME is not to make DA2. ME did that REALLY well, DA not so much.

Nocturne1472192d ago

DA:O Was/Is one of the greatest RPG of decade, still playing. Cant wait Third one.

falloutx2192d ago

Just started another character myself. :)

banjadude2191d ago

"Mass Effect started with RPG-fused shooter mechanics, then quickly transitioned to full-on cover-based shooting that you were more likely to see in games like Gears of War or Uncharted...It worked out well, and the decision to change made the series better."

Wait a second... wasn't that one of the reasons why people didn't like ME2/3 - that it was too much of a cover shooter?

PirateThom2191d ago

Mass Effect 2 was, basically, a corridor shooter with a fancy map screen. Every planet was just a corridor with shooting.

banjadude2191d ago

Haha, pretty much.
A little offtopic: I really hated the colour palette in ME2 - it was such a PAIN on the eyes!

Despair6662191d ago

The DA series doesnt need to learn anything from ME series...
just make it like DA 1 with improved graphics and you are done

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