Impulse- The Controller That Fits in Your Pocket

If you don’t remember Black Powder Media, they were one of the many companies caught up in Atari’s disgusting attempt to clear the App Store and eleminate competition before they released their retro classics. Atari basically grabbed Apple by the balls and had them delete any game that even remotely resembled any of their past projects.
Black Powder Media continued to launch their games despite this bump in the road and they’re now dipping into the hardware field and filling yet another void in our gaming lives with the highly innovative iMpulse Controller that has just landed on Kickstarter.

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joeorc2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

this one is better in my opinion, and still fits in your pocket:

Nocturne1472277d ago

What if i don't have a pocket?

joeorc2277d ago

You are not going to be taking much stuff on your person, unless you have a shoulder bag or going to holding stuff the whole time. So it would be moot pretty much though having a game pad for the key ring that game pad as small as it is using that key ring game pad could really cramp your hand.

GhostHero3332277d ago

Needs two analog sticks and shoulder buttons. IMO

Wintersun6162277d ago

I still haven't heard the answer to this question: How am I supposed to hold my phone and play with an external controller at the same time?

JellyJelly2277d ago

Use your lap. You'll find it on top of your thighs while sitting down. It's quite handy and I use it a lot.

TheKayle2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

@winter u put your phoneon your legs/table/traintable/window/b ed/sofa/etc etc sit down and play

as if u hold the tv when u play with console

Wintersun6162277d ago

That's terribly uncomfortable for my neck and unsafe for my phone when in a moving car. These peripherals are very impractical unless you can secure your phone to the controller.

TheKayle2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

ok you will buy a vita..
lets cut the talk.....already seem u wanna arrive at that

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