Screen Play previews The Force Unleashed

Screen Play's inner child was devastated about a decade ago when Jason Hill (Screen Play's writer) couldn't accept an invitation to visit George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, but he's still hopeful of one day visiting LucasArts, particularly as they now seem to be more committed to the kind of quality entertainment they used to be revered for.

In the meantime, Activision this week brought LucasArts to Jason via a video tour of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a sample of the upcoming game (expected mid-year) narrated by project lead Haden Blackman.

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Eclipticus3759d ago

i read somewhere that you play the prologue as Vader himself, until you find the main character... and there is a " I am your father" type moment. where a big secret is revealed... or some such.
i say, in my infifite boredom that brings wisdom.

The Main character is none other than Dark Helmet from spaceballs. even voiced by rick moranis!! lol!
or if not him then

Han solo's older brother... cause damn, they should of included Solo in the prequels anyways...

ChickeyCantor3759d ago

icant believe there is actually a moment where you have to pull down a star destroyer. =D