Life With PlayStation: an overlooked app that's worth your attention

The next time you turn on your PlayStation 3, head over to the Network section of the XMB. Scroll down past Remote Play and Internet Browser, and you'll surely find an unassuming bubble icon next to the words "Life With PlayStation". Some of you probably already use this, but the number of users who haven't updated or even installed it far outnumber those that have.

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Hatsune-Miku2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Since I never turn off my ps3 its on " life with playstation" when I'm out and about or while I'm sleeping. Sony needs to update the game trailers and I wish there were more videos previewing different cultures from around the world. I think Sony should show some PlayStation shows through it too. Something akin to "qore"

Godmars2902277d ago

Just having an icon sitting on the XMB doesn't cut it.

Mind you that if Sony knew what they were doing, knew how to advertise for and on the PS3, then we'd be complaining about them advertising on the PS3.