6 Reasons The Wii U Could Win The Upcoming Console Race

Could the Wii U actually beat the PS4 and Xbox 720? We here at GammaSquad think it could...

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Knight_Crawler2273d ago

Your comment is sad and you should feel sad.

2273d ago
sikbeta2273d ago


Because Nintendo wrote this article, right? :/


Price and new controller, same as the wii.

cee7732273d ago

you all need to realize next gen will be an uphill battle for all consoles the wii u isnt in competition with just consoles they will be in comp with tablets as well next gen arm chips will rival ps3 and 360's gpus at first quarter 2012 so id recon it should rival wii u's the same time next gen consoles are released

knowyourstuff2273d ago

Nintendo isn't going to win or lose, they aren't competing for the same audience as Msoft and Sony, they're fighting for the casual market, while Msoft and Sony are fighting for the hardcore audience with a sub-par effort to attract casuals. Know your stuff fools.

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N62273d ago

I mean, its in your name, JoseFAIL

Kingnichendrix2273d ago

I as a gamer am very excited for the innovation wiiu will make with zelda, mario and the metroid series I for one certainly love their rehashes.

GhostHero3332273d ago

The only reason might be because it is the first next gen out the gate. Xbox was out first and it is the said to be the console to have of this current generation. I know I'm going to get some troll accusations on that statement, because this is mainly a PlayStation site most of the time. Sup haters.

majiebeast2273d ago


NegativeCreep4272273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Let me just have some fun and drag this Wii-U topic over to the Xbox. Playstation trolls don't like opinion being stated as matter-of-fact, so they'll jump all over me and I'll act like I hate it and like I thrive off of it at the same time. Doors wide open, come on in haters! Don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way IN.

GhostHero3332273d ago

You sound like the troll accusers I mentioned above. Hahahahaha.

HammadTheBeast2273d ago

I bet you weren't here when Sony trolling was rampant, and Nintendo/Xbox trolls roamed the dark articles of gloom and doom. Things have settled a bit. Just wait until Xbox or Sony announce a console. Then, you can have my permission to die.

DigitalAnalog2273d ago

You're just transparent and have been called out. No need for damage control.

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Drainage2273d ago

well the Wii won last generation so i imagine they will win again now that they are releasing 1 year ahead of the comp

Hatsune-Miku2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Lol. Only a NES fanatic would say Wii won last gen when the PS2 kicked its ass and is still selling.

The ps3 will still be selling through 2015 so this gen isnt over until the last guy is done. It's not a sprint but a marathon. Do people think a generation is over when the first system drops out because xbox would have been declared the winner when Microsoft stopped support after 3 years.

Ps3 will outsell the Wii in a few years and is a way better system. Nintendo Wii is only a win to Nintendo because its a rubbish console to gamers

ExCest2273d ago

You're really angry at Nintendo. Why?

Starbucks_Fan2273d ago

Somebody's on their period...

StraightedgeSES2273d ago

Did Nintendo rape your family or something

ninjabake2273d ago

Nintendo means a lot to you, that much is apparent.

Knight_Crawler2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )


Moonman2273d ago

Who says Nintendo will stop producing the original Wii for another couple years? Nobody is catching Wii once PS4 and 720 are announced.

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Anon19742273d ago

Is this generation over already? I think this still may be premature. Nintendo could pull the Wii off the market quickly after the launch of the Wii U, and even if they don't sales have taken a dramatic downturn. Even if the 360 and PS3 keep selling relatively close to what they are now, they've still got possibly 3-5 years left in them.

When the PS2's price was cut to $149, the 70 million they hit 4 years in proved to not even be the halfway point for total sales. Neither Sony nor Microsoft have officially dropped the price of their consoles below $199 yet. They may not even be at the halfway point of their total sales yet in their lifecycle.

I'm not saying they're going to catch the Wii anytime soon, but I wouldn't say the Wii won this round quite yet. That'll hinge on if Nintendo continues to support the console, and what happens when the 360 and PS3 finally drop below $199 everywhere.

ninjabake2273d ago

Well its a totally different situation here. The PS2 was immensely popular for a multitude of reasons and it was also helped by the fact the economy was a little better in its prime than the PS3/360.

The PS2 featured a DVD playback drive which was in itself a reason to buy it, a lot of consumers picked it up for that very reason. Another reason it sold so well was because of the strength of the PlayStation brand at the time, everyone and their mom had a PS1 and continuing on with the next iteration was more ideal than jumping to a newcomer: Microsoft's xbox or the Gamecube which didn't have as many multimedia features.

Also if you look at where the PS2 was in 2007 compared to where the PS3/360 are now the sales aren't at all close.
PS2- approximately 110 mill
PS3/360 combined- approximately 134 mill (65-67 mill a piece)

The PS2 was a special case and I don't think we'll see another game system sell like that again. And looking at the declining console sales across the board I think its safe to say both the PS3 and 360 have reached their peak, as has the Wii so they most likely wont be catching the Wii. They may get to 80mill but that may even be a stretch considering they're averaging about 11 mill a year and there's no telling if they're gonna fully support these systems next gen.

Nutsack2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

If winning is selling the most consoles but yet get the biggest pile of shovelware again like the Wii got, then maybe WiiUpgrade will.

I don't play console sales though, but good games. And those are on the PS3 and 360. Outside the known stuff like Mario and Zelda etc ofcourse.

Oh and WiiUpgrade is just upgrading to current gen, its not next gen. Next gen starts in 2013/2014 with Xbox 8 and PSOrbis


@ Pills below

Thats what I said, Mario, Zelda are great and all but thats about it. And, its decades old titles, not much new refreshing IP's. It becomes a bit boring....

Pillsbury12273d ago

@nutsUx I see what you did with calling the wii u a wii upgrade :D

The wii may have been plagued with shovel ware but they obviously capitalized on it with its sales. Nintendo has been pumping out quality 1st party since the 90's bruh.

AWBrawler2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

I want to see the first wii U game that uses up the full capacity of the disc, or close to it, like 24 gig. Then we'll see how much different Wii U games are from this gen.

I said it once and I'll say it again. Wii U got fanboys shaking in their boots, but if they weren't so biased and enjoyed every console for what it was, they'd have nothing to fear.

dark-hollow2273d ago

"Oh and WiiUpgrade is just upgrading to current gen, its not next gen."

i love how the term "next gen" has been raped all the way to oblivion.

brb gonna play on my pc with next, next, next, next Real True™ generation games.

stragomccloud2273d ago

Yes. And the PS2 was plagued with shovelware as well. The only difference is, that on the PS2, gamers didn't ignore the amazing titles they had to offer. On the Wii, a lot of "gamers" ignored some of the best games of this generation.

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Pillsbury12273d ago

Here we go again, history repeating itself. Nintendo comes out with something genuine and innovative and everybody dismisses it and claims its nintendos death. See a pattern here? Nintendo does its own thing, dare I say it it may even be in its own league. Kids and families will always flock to Nintendo and so will those that grew up with them and know the high quality of game they bring. People talk about how everyone holds onto nintendos past and this is a new market, Nintendo rrealizes that. It will always keep pumping out quality 1st party games that you cannot get anywhere else. Long live play.

KonaBro2273d ago

Thank God Nintendo is once again showing off a tablet being used as a controller for those of us who has never seen one! Nintendo is so innovative! /s

It's pretty idiotic to say the Wii U is going to win anything and we haven't even heard anything from MS and Sony. Anyone saying otherwise is a Nintendo fanboy hands down.

Knight_Crawler2273d ago

The funny thing about this is that MS and Sony will try to copy the Wii U tablet when they see the Wii U printing money.

But the Wiimote is just a fad and wont take off - Kinect and move SMH.

N62273d ago

The tablet LIKE features are meant to appeal for the mainstream "Wii fit" adult crowd. But the BEAUTY of this thing, is it has an alter ego, designed for the ULTIMATE "HARDCORE" GAMER. It is designed around the idea of a consolized DS or a broken apart "FREE" DS. That second screen touch goodness is perfectly shown in ZombiU, cleaning up HUD, easily accessible weapons w/o pausing etc. They went from a SIMPLE WII, to A COMPLEX AS YOU CAN GET YOU HARDCORE HOMOS CANT COMPLAIN NO MORE type of gamepad with Wii U.

linkratos2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

The even more idiotic thing would be to imply that Sony or Microsoft will win anything when we have seen nothing about the successors to their fighting-for-last-place consoles (in both hardware and software).

TotalHitman2273d ago

"Long live play."

Why did you use a PlayStation slogan in a Nintendo comment?

Pillsbury12273d ago

Check out my avatar I support both nintendo and Sony. That slogan can apply to any game system regardless of fanboyism.

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