First North American review score revealed for Resident Evil 6

The first North American review score popped up online today for the upcoming multiplatform title, Resident Evil 6

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Jackhass1978d ago

Not bad. Although early magazine reviews are usually high.

knowyourstuff1977d ago

True, unless you have a troll magazine/website like Edge or Eurogamer which give bad reviews nitpicking games to no end just for hits. It doesn't even matter if the reviewer has nothing objectively bad to say about the game, just that their personal taste in games doesn't match up with whatever they're reviewing.

Don't you love it when you see a game you love ie. your favourite fighting game or racing game, and the reviewer absolutely hates fighting or racing games in general and complains the game doesn't draw him in to like it enough?
Or when reviewers are so incredibly jaded that they hate absolutely everything except Portal and quirky RPG's?

Commander_TK1977d ago

Should I buy the collector's edition (own PS3), or just the regular game? I have RE4 & 5, but want to try out the previous ones.

Bloodraid1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Uh, yeah. Isn't that the point of being a critic? Rating media based on how enjoyable it was to you? Not sure why you expect someone to give a game a high score just because you like it when it does absolutely nothing for them.

You'd be better off to just buy the base game. Anthology just includes voucher codes for the previous Resident Evil games. You'd be better off just buying 1-3 from the store for $18 rather than paying the extra $12 and being left with two games you already own (unless you want to give them to someone).

DigitalAnalog1977d ago

In that case, you could easily corrupt the score system by placing selected reviewers who has no interest in that particular game and it will always end up having a poor score. What you mentioned is too abstract and has barely any solid foundation for reviews. In that case even the outlandish 0 user reviews could be valid because what you said clearly applies to them as well.

TheRealSpy1977d ago

a good critic does "nitpick." that's what i want them to do. so i know exactly what i'm getting.

i got burned a lot early on in this generation cuz i trusted the reviews of these mainstream guys like ign, gametrailers, gamespot.

Drainage1976d ago

its not called being a troll, its called wanting hits. sick of the word troll

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Knight_Crawler1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Dam you every time I see the RE6 logo I see a giraffe man getting head :(

MadMax1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Damn YOU man! Now i see it! Lol

showtimefolks1977d ago

This will be a 7/10 or at most 7.5.

RE series has lost its touch

cruxito1977d ago

holy cow, the capcom SHEEPS are gonna burn you XD .. run run run run

TheRealSpy1977d ago

you do know that the plural of sheep is sheep, right?

and why are the sheep if they like the series?

showtimefolks1977d ago


the same reason people hate on COD just because some fans like it to a points a company doesn't seem to change anything.

Dead space 1-2 are what RE games are suppose to be. But they see a bigger shooter market so they went after that.

capcom overall are worst than any other publisher, while everyone is greedy capcom is greedy on a different level.

princejb1341977d ago

resident evil 5 got a 9 and look how that turned out
i just cant trust capcom no more

Baka-akaB1977d ago

maybe you should stop trusting the source of those reviews instead ...

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DivineAssault 1978d ago

so expect the game to receive scores from around 8-9 for this game.. I can deal with that..

kingdavid1977d ago

I expect theyll be less than that actually judging by the demo. Expect alot of 6s and 7s.

JellyJelly1977d ago

Me too. The demo didn't impress me much.

ballzdeep1977d ago

I clicked on the review simply out of curiosity
Honestly, it coulda been a 10 or a 2, its not gonna influence my decision to buy in the least
From what ive seen on re6 and Capcoms history of delivering the goods its day 1 for me

Hoje03081977d ago

By delivering the goods you mean half-assed products followed by DLC that should have been included on disc, which they won't do until the release of the Gold edition?

Old McGroin1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Read his comment again. Carefully. Now slow down, wipe the drool from the corner of your chin and read it again. Do you see where he says "its day 1 for me"? I believe that means he will be buying it on the day of its release. So when he says delivering the goods he means that what Capcom will be "delivering" will be a more than satisfactory product, or "the goods". Now run along and play with the traffic.

AIndoria1977d ago

Old McGroin : Nicely said.

I have to add one more thing.

"day 1 for me" ..."FOR ME" Read that? Personal opinion. Yours doesn't matter to him, Hoje.

Hoje03081977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

It's the two of you that need a lesson in reading comprehension armed with the ability to know the difference between stating an opinion and making a claim. The part where he says that the game is a day one purchase because of his own observations is not what I take issue with. Like everyone, he's entitled to his opinion and I won't argue that point. What I have a problem with is the claim that Capcom has a history of "delivering the goods". This is put forth as a factual statement and I disagree. Capcom continually releases titles that are not complete and then delivers paid DLC for the next six months, at which point you can expect the announcement of some kind of "Gold" or special edition that contains assets that either were, or should have been on disc. Unfortunately, this has become a common practice in the industry and Capcom is one of the worst offenders. The fact that you are either unable or unwilling to understand what was written is plain English says more about you than I ever could. I'd ask you to go play in traffic, but you're probably required to wear a helmet and an orange vest at all times.

Rivitur1977d ago


You got something wrong here capcom does include the dlc on the disc you just have to pay to unlock it.

Atmus1977d ago

@ Hoje

well said mate, you couldn't have said it any better, and great come back. bubbles for you.

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CrimsonWing691977d ago ShowReplies(1)
TronEOL1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

As fun as this game looks and how interested I am in it's story, it's gameplay is clunky as all hell and whoever designed the controls should be fired. So I'll be passing on this. If PS+ gives it away for free I'll play it, otherwise it's a complete pass for me.

DivineAssault 1977d ago

Do they? i havent downloaded the demo yet.. Damn man, u killed my hopes now lol

--Onilink--1977d ago

the Leon section is really good because it has a slower pace, so the controls work fine.

But on the other 2 sections of the demo, which were basically 3rd person shooter segments, the controls were not as intuitive as i hoped.

Which is weird because i though they had the controls for the action segments nailed with RE:Revelations.

Still, there is no need to buy into all the hate going on here in N4G. Just download the demo and pass judgement. For me, like i said, the Leon part was good, the rest a bit clunky but not at all broken

Old McGroin1977d ago

@ TronEOL

I thought the exact same. I played Chris and Leon's sections on the first day and thought the controls were a little clunky and that the camera was a little too close to your character. But I went back to it the next day and played all 3 characters sections and it really grew on me. You should give it another go, might surprise ya.

CDzNutts1977d ago

# TronEOL

Man, you put the nail on the head. Agreed. I booted this demo up and was excited as it had all the elements of what might shape up to be a blockbuster of a game.

And then I started playing it....


HiddenMission1977d ago

I played both demos and loved all 3character campaign experiences. Before anyone says i dont know anything about the series or its roots ive bought every game day one and ive loved each game for different reasons.

Part 6 looks to be my fav next to part 2 and 4

Soldierone1977d ago

It's kinda sad I thought of Resident Evil 5 when playing this....almost didn't bother finishing it.

My character would randomly run in the opposite direction just because i changed direction. It takes 4 headshots to kill a zombie? And somehow they enter the matrix and can dodge your shots whenever they want....And I keep tripping over zombies, yet can't stomp them.

The demo was clunky as hell and no horror element at all to it. lucky for capcom ill still give the game a chance, but based on the demo I'm not expecting a great resident evil game.

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