Wii U's GPGPU Squashes Xbox 360, PS3; Capable Of DirectX 11 Equivalent Graphics

CinemaBlend: "All that talk about the Wii U being “weak”, “underpowered”, and not capable of outputting graphics like the Xbox 360 or PS3, is apparently hogwash. Unity Technology's CEO David Helgason squashes the rumors by acknowledging just how far the Wii U's tech can scale and what developers will be capable of utilizing with the Unity alone."

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chukamachine2248d ago

Still means nothing.

dx10 meant nothing, dx11 early games barely used it, and most games still don't use it enough.

People seem to think i hate nintendo, i don't. Friends play mario and i've played many games on the Wii.

Do i think the WII U is a massive jump over PS3/360.

No and you'll see this as games come and go, by 2014 you'll be seeing PS4/720, there you will see the jump.

If you love the new controller from ninty and need mario, you will buy a wii u.

Griffin48712247d ago

We all appreciate you taking the time to time travel just so you can come back and let us know that.

HammadTheBeast2247d ago

Looks like you squeezed in with him.

FriedGoat2247d ago

No need to buy, will be emulated in 1 year.

HappyGaming2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

The jump between PS2/Xbox and Wii is similar to PS3/360 and Wii U...

It worked for them last time so they are trying the same tactic again lets see how it goes.

Edit: Also if I was thinking about buying a Wii U (which I wont because I am waiting for PS4 and 720 to come out before I decide) I would be very cautious about how much Nintendo will focus on hardcore gamers. Zombie U looks great but I do not feel like games like that will be Nintendos main focus.

AsimLeonheart2247d ago

Nintendo fans again grasping at straws; twisting an ambiguous statement into their favour. Why are you people so hell bent on proving that WiiU is more powerful than the 7 year old PS360? WiiU is not competing against them for market share. If you think it is then it is already almost 70 million units behind each of them. The Wii was severely underpowered and gimmicky with loads of shovelware but you guys still defended that as well and were even proud. You guys did not care about graphics at that time then how come you guys have become such "graphic whores" like us PS360 owners? :/ If you still want to talk graphics then just wait for the PS4 and XBOX 720 and then we will talk about who crushes whom. Then again you guys will just go back to saying "graphics dont matter you graphic whores! Gameplay and review ratings does! Look at us we have the best gameplay in the world as we play the ugly looking, rehashed and stagnant but highly rated 200th Mario and Zelda game." Oh and cant forget the GREAT gameplay of the Nintendo exclusive shovelware. LOL!

stragomccloud2247d ago

It's not that they've become graphics whores, it is that it is frustrating when people make claims that it is not as powerful, when it is in fact more powerful. Like how the same people claimed that the Wii was not as powerful as PS2 or Xbox, when in fact was quite a bit more powerful. Just nothing compared the the PS3/360.

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chrisarsenalsavart2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

That is the all point. People who buy a nintendo is first and foremost for playing nintendo games and in order for nintendo to grab the core audience(the cod, fifa, assassin creed .....Kind of players) they will have to show to thirdparty publishers that wiiu can be more than just a gap between the current and next gen.

But to be honest, i don,t think sony wll go crazy on ps4 cost either. I think they will try to build something eith good specs but mostly something that can make money straight away.

After the slow adoption of the ps3 and vita at launch Kaz hirai knows that content will makethe difference in the next battle, not power.

AllSystemsRocks2247d ago

no not Mario will make me buy a Wii U but Zombi U will !

NewMonday2247d ago

it's the 360 vs PS3 graphics all over again

Tonester9252247d ago

Lens Of Truth is about to boom come release of Multiplatform games! Lol

linkenski2247d ago

My PC has direct 11 graphical capabilities... yet games are like slideshows.

dogoodmatters2247d ago

Betting on when DX11 will be standard probably. Nintendo sees one now, upped it a little, and will play the wait and see game. They waited for HDTVs to be more "standard" and are probably thinking the same with DX11?

milohighclub2247d ago

My PlayStation broke beyond repair recently and I was dying to get another for the last of us. I've been a massive PlayStation fan since ps1 and was waiting for the new slim to be released but I may actually just get a Wii u for now and wait til the goty version of tlou before buying a new ps3 as the price will have dropped and the last of us will be the complete version.

NewMonday2247d ago

the good WiiU stuff will not come till 1-2 years

it will make more sense to get a new PS3 now and the WiiU later

andibandit2247d ago

Your disagrees suggest you must get a ps3

nirwanda2247d ago

It depends on how many PS3 games you own or play online with friends or even if you own an xbox too, there is little dought the wii U will be slightly better than the PS3 and will definatly give you change from the games you find on the PS3/xbox.

milohighclub2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Thing is there's only TLOU I'm really bothered about Thats an exclusive. all the rest are multiplat so id rather play them with the best possible graphics. Also the ps3 will probably get another price cut before the last of us And In my opinion its more logical to wait a few more month as ive already owned 2 ps3s and would ideally owant to spend as little as possible on it.

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Gamer19822247d ago

*Yawn* You notice no serious sites with credibility ever makes these kind of claims?

AAACE52247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

You do realize current gen consoles cant run dx 11 right? Also, you guys need to remember that ram was the main issue for ps3 and 360. The cpu could be managed and the gpu could be manipulated.

ninjabake2247d ago

Please feel free to name some games on PS3/360 running directX11

avengers19782247d ago

then were are all the games that show a huge leap. The problem here as it has been since the Wii U started being talked about is the comparison to 360/PS3 when the real comparison will be PS4/720... lets see how it stacks up to those machines.

xtremeimport2247d ago

Comparison between the WiiU, xbox and ps3 shouldnt even exist.
The WiiU is a next gen console, it should be obvious that its more powerful than the current consoles. The fact thats its not is what causes people to speculate on just how powerful it actually is.

kikizoo2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Oh look, another stupid article from cinemablend..

ps : "MS got the right combination"

for easiest devellopment, ok, but the ps3 powerfull cpu made the prettiest games this gen.

donman12247d ago

Since you went into the future and came back with knowing the PS4 and Xbox720 is going to crush the WiiU. Can you also tell us the price? Since with that advancement in specs I am sure it will not be cheap so those of us who believe in you can start saving up from now.

The bottom line is WiiU will be first time in a long time Nintendo stepped out the box and is bringing something fresh, innovative and with a wealth of entertainment value. My pre-order is already set. I cannot wait. Till then I will enjoy my PS3.

SilentNegotiator2247d ago

We've already seen the WiiU run Batman:AC and AC3. They're 720p native and have little or no AA. Their framerates might be better but what we saw was no 60fps. You can scream about the games not being "finished" yet (as if a MASSIVE graphical leap always takes place between running footage of a game and the final product) and the games being early (As if launch ps3/360 games ran at 480p), and about them being ports (because they just got "lazy" about doing something as simple as raising the native resolution to 1080p if the WiiU could even handle it, right?) but let's not kid ourselves....

The GPU is only slightly stronger and the CPU has been outed by developers as being WEAKER.

It's not a generational leap. And this time, it's price is at a disadvantage with the other systems, which are only slightly weaker in graphics to a degree that hardly anyone will notice (and higher in CPU power).

The success of WiiU will be ENTIRELY based on their ability to make interesting uses of the tablet controller that anyone cares about and living off of their IPs (Mario might be popular, but it didn't save the Gamecube).

Now go ahead; call me a troll, fanboy, whatever. But when something is oversold and sensationalized like this, I'm going to be there, whether you like it or not.

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hennessey862248d ago

May well be good, but from what I have read. The CPU brings the WiiU back down to PS3/360 levels of power.

PopRocks3592248d ago

I'd buy that if I wasn't already made aware that the GPGPU can take some of the load off of the CPU.

Malice-Flare2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

in which case, the new games will not take advantage of the GPU's new features due to it doing some CPU stuff to compensate for the same weak CPU...

the reverse of the PS3 where a weak GPU is compensated for by a powerful CPU...

MS got the right combination the first time by being balanced: a reasonably powerful CPU with a reasonably powerful GPU, and quite easier to develop for due their experience in development software...

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Shok2247d ago

To be more accurate, the actual statements regarding the Wii U's CPU is it's "slower." When it comes to console CPU's (and even PC's to a certain extent), clock speed =/= power.

The Wii U's CPU has a much more efficient architecture. so it doesn't require such high clock speeds as it can do work much easier and more efficiently. Not to mention, like you said, it has a GPGPU.

People will call it damage control but that's the hard facts lol.

PopRocks3592247d ago

Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't too sure about the specifics regarding the CPU. This makes it a lot clearer though.

donman12247d ago


You hit the nail on the head. Very valid points you made. The bottom line is the WiiU is next gen. PS4 and Xbox720 will be more powerful but the difference will not be that great. For those that disagree always remember the cost factor. Are you willing to pay $500 or $600 for a console and is Microsoft/Sony (especially Sony) willing to bet that consumer will purchase their next gen consoles at that high price as early adopters. History shows (PS3) that it was a very bad bet.

Nutsack2247d ago

They have yet to show a game on WiiUpgrade that touches visuals like The Last of Us, Puppeteer or God of War for example.

And the day they might reach it, 'knowing' WiiUpgrades hardware, by then real next gen already is out with Xbox 8 at the end of 2013 and PSOrbis somewhere in 2014.

Which will have CPU's that are really a generation ahead, and not some WiiUpgrade CPU that even is slower than current gen. The real next gen that will have GPU's that are leaps ahead of current gen and not just a tad newer than consoles that are launched in 2005/2006.

Pillsbury12247d ago

Did you have a traumatic incident involving a Nintendo system hitting ur nutsack when you where little? You really hate Nintendo.

Nutsack2247d ago

Not really. I loved the NES, the SNES, heck, I was a N64 fanboy.

The SNES and N64 both pushed great games, N64 pushed 3D in games.

With the Gamecube a bit less already, with the Wii, which had basically overclocked Gamecube chips, Nintendo lost me as a gamer yes. Their focus became sh!t. The focus was put on selling hardware boxes the most, and not care for games. Same with them selling Wiifit hardware, Wiimote Plus hardware addon to fix the inaccurate Wiimote.

And now, the one touch bulky tablet is getting in gimmick control to sell the package again. Plus bringing the WiiUpgrade up to par with 360/PS3 that are 6 to 7 years old.

Thats what I dislike about Nintendo. They were great once. Now its only their 1st party games that are the same over and over again. Rehashing stuff to the max. Meh.

Quetzll2247d ago

leaps ahead? we already have 3d games running in 1080p. you think next gen means 4th dimensional gaming where you control the game with your mind? or just more pixels?

dont know how many times it has to be said that a stronger GPU makes up for whatever the CPU is lacking.

and i think next gen is going to be more so what you can do with a game (sand-box type stuff) and not so much how many pixels it has. games will look better, yeah, but nowhere near the same leap as snes was to ps1/n64.