IBTimes review of Borderlands 2

IBTimes UK looks at Borderlands 2, and how it's not very good at all

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PockyKing2008d ago

Too much grinding? Dialogue isn't funny? And stupid? The reviewer obviously didn't pay attention to the dialogue in the first 30 min with ClapTrap and he didn't even mention Handsome Jack, which is the funniest character I've heard in years. I literally lol while playing and hearing the things the characters say. The point of the game is the "grind". It's supposed to take time to get the biggest and baddest weaponry. It wouldn't be fun if you played the game for half a day and unlocked everything.

It's like the reviewer missed the whole point of the game and then acts like the Wall Street Journal was spot on? Following a review comparing the entire game to Call of Duty etc?

This is a horrible review.

LackTrue4K2007d ago

people that play COD have a VERY short attention spam.

Nimblest-Assassin2007d ago

Sigh.. this is going to jump to the top of N4G isn't it :(

teething2007d ago

This review coming from a website that has "we recommend: Kate Middleton topless photos" as a link at the bottom.

And they called BL2 crude?

Love the irony of this pretty lame review.

strauser3602007d ago

Humor is pretty subjective, and when it comes to humor in videogames, its usually hit or miss.

roadkillers2007d ago

"Now that we've made it we should celebrate. We need two things. The first being ladies, obviously. The second, dudes. Big ugly Morbidly obese men."


Now read my comment and tell me that's not funny.

Neckbear2007d ago

Unless your idea of humor consists of constant, heavily forced pop culture references and slapstick, then yes, the dialogue in the game isn't funny in the least. In fact, it tries way too hard.

But if you're the kind to get his kicks off things like memes, then yeah, I suppose the game would be funny to you.

Blacklash932007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Most of the humor is not pop-culture references and if you've gone anywhere past the introduction you'd know the vast majority of it is delivered through dialogue, not slapstick. I'm wondering if you've even played the game.

But who am I to question your clearly superior tastes in comedy?

codename132007d ago

This reviewer used to be a vault hunter like us, until he took a bullet to the knee xD

Mutant-Spud2007d ago

It had to be said I suppose.

Mutant-Spud2007d ago

What's the line the bandits say something like "You're gonna be my new fleshy bicycle", oh and "My little pink pretzel", "I'll let you call me daddy"'s only slightly disturbing.

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GhostHero3332007d ago

Just another gaming review by a non gamer.

MxRBrobaFett2007d ago

What a sad and unfortunate person this man must be

Bathyj2007d ago

6? Thats borderline (no pun intended) unplayable.

Waaaaay off the mark.

GamerEuphoria2007d ago

To be fair the score of unplayable is subjective, anything around 4 and below is what i class as unplayable

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