Top 10 "Once A Year" Games of This Generation

Brett writes - It seems like a lot of people tend to ask me, “Hey Brett. What’s like a really good cheap game? Something I can pick up at Gamestop used and enjoy for a few days?” These games are something I’ll usually pick up during the Summer months when new titles are scarce or once I’m sick to death of playing a new title. They’re commonly known as “Once A Year” games because well, no matter how long you’ve owned them, you tend to play them once a year. (cont)

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Cajun Chicken2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

doh, double edit'y post.

Cajun Chicken2278d ago

Aww. I love Prey, epic in scale and equally as purposely alien and confusing.

Carl_Shocker2278d ago

Prey was amazing...after playing it agin recently and watching the to be continued ending im kind of glad Prey 2 was cancelled or has been put on hold...that game looked nothing like a sequel to Prey.

IaMs122278d ago

id say change the name and have a new IP then make Prey 2 continue the story.

Cajun Chicken2277d ago

Oddly enough, I've mentioned a few times that Dishonoured pretty much has everything that the Prey 2 trailer had, despite being made by a different developer...