Wii U Day 1 Launch Games I Plan to Buy

Arcee "...of the 22 games, I am planning on eventually buying seven of those games. Those seven are definite “must buys” in my opinion. Some are “must buys” because of the pedigree behind them, others because I have had a chance to play them on my own and made up my mind on them, and still others because they are games that my three young children would definitely enjoy playing. Whatever the case may be, the games on this list are games for the Wii U that I feel are definitely worthy of some attention."

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Summons752275d ago

NSMBU and ZOmbieU for me

and Scribblenauts for the wife =]

Arcee2275d ago

NSMBU and ZombiU look amazing. Good choices.

Summons752275d ago

Yeah they do. I'm not a fan of zombie things a lot but ZombieU looks very interesting with the whole 'one life' concept. It actually sounds like incentive to want to survive. NSMBU looks like the took the concept behind NSMB and added character to the game.

ninjabake2275d ago

ZombiU, Rayman Legends, NSMBU, Darksiders II

Qrphe2275d ago

I WAS hoping for Pikmin 3 and P-100, but Idk what anymore.

krazykombatant2274d ago

Is P-100 going to be a release title??? that one really caught my eye and I haven't heard of it ever again.

eagle212274d ago

It's now called The Wonderful 101, it has a new trailer released last week. It looks awesome.

Arcee2274d ago

Now known as the Wonderful 101, this is one game I want to buy as soon as it is released. I just wish it was a Day 1 game instead of a launch window game.

fourtwenty20092274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Getting Nintendoland with the Deluxe bundle, NSMBU, and will watch for reviews on ESPN Sports Connection and see how everything else shakes out. Everything else is a rental/borrow for me at best.

ZombiU looks mildly interesting but honestly, the Zombie genre has been done to death and isn't scary or interesting any more. It's like Call of Duty 99, derivative, predictable and not entertaining after the 999th time. Whatever is in this game I won't miss it, and compare as you might, there's no way it is in the same league as a game like Dark Souls.

Baring any must-play reviews or buzz, I'm not really interested in anything else until some really good Nintendo AAA 1st party games come out like Zelda/F-Zero/Metroid/Mario Galaxy.

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