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Submitted by YoungPlex 1239d ago | trailer

Another Monster Hunter 4 trailer

Capcom releases another Monster Hunter 4 trailer. (3DS, Dev, Monster Hunter 4)

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YoungPlex  +   1239d ago
I'm glad that they improved and added more depth to the controls. The lock on system is crucial to this type of game, it's about time that Capcom implemented this feature in a MH game. The games turning out to be an epic adventure, though I really wished they developed it for the console instead of a handheld. Oh well! Looks like I'll be getting MH3 Ultimate until they localize this one...
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AWBrawler  +   1238d ago
Lock on may make it too easy. I like the lack of a lock on, because in real life you miss punches because there is no lock on, and this game did a good job of representing that.

However, I do still want to play this one.
Jadedz  +   1238d ago
It's locked on from the player's camera perspective
It's not "auto targeting" like Sonic's homing roll ball b***s*** attack.

Don't worry - it'll still be the Monster Hunter you know and enjoy :D.
YoungPlex  +   1238d ago
I meant that the character camera locks on to stay focused in battle facing the target, not an actual lock-on, where you continuously hit a target without missing. Sorry for the misunderstanding. But hey if you enjoy fumbling with the camera stick with the previous MH games, I'm very much so looking forward to MH4 and their new mechanics...

@Divine"ASS-ault", I'm not even going to uncover the ignored message below to see what type of trolling message he said this time, blocked him for a reason. Not dignifying his trolling with an answer!
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DivineAssault  +   1238d ago
LMAO! How is it crucial? which one did u play?
LordMe  +   1239d ago
Lock on? No thanks... I am out.

Still waiting for Freedom 3.
Gamerpeanuts  +   1239d ago
(SIGH) lock on? Thats dumb....I don't think you should neglect it before you try it.
LordMe  +   1239d ago
I like MH's Challenge, Part of it was trying to keep up with everything going on, now you don't have to! the game will do that for you!

I played MH on the PS2, and the fans, even back then said they did not want a lock on. I learned how to dodge attacks from off screen. It was part of the know how. Which now is not a problem, because you can't lose track of the monster.

It just shows Capcom is not listening to their MH fans.
ronin4life  +   1238d ago
You don't have to use it. it's optional.

All it is is a touch screen button the toggles the L button from looking directly behind your character to looking at the monster. It doesn't follow the monster either: if it moves out of screen, you have to hit the button again.

That's how it worked in 3g, and it doesn't look much different here.
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AWBrawler  +   1238d ago
So it's not an actual lock on? cos that would make it too easy
HarvesterOSarow  +   1238d ago
Or at least Freedom 4 on the Vita since it seems like 3 will never come out here.

Honestly though my favorite part of Portable 3(Jpn) was all the stuff added with the felyne weapons and armor. Collecting scraps from stuff you make for yourself was just another OCD collectfest, which I enjoyed. The new monsters were great and the AI was improved to be more natural with the environment, but the weapons/armor numbers were scaled weird, so it took a little getting used to after thousands of hours with Unite.
LordMe  +   1238d ago
I was hoping Capcom would announce MHF4 for the Vita at TGS. But they just focused on Nintendo, and gave Sony the shaft... As they have been doing for a while now.

I really want another MHF game!
sdozzo  +   1238d ago
Instead of another trailer how about a PS3 USA release.
ronin4life  +   1238d ago
The only PS3 Monhun was a port of the psp side variant of the Wii game, known as portable 3rd. Monhun 3g, known as monster hunter 3 ultimate in the west has nearly all content from this version plus better graphics and swimming environments.

This will be released March 2013 in the west for wiiu and 3ds, the former of which will have online play.

P3rd isn't coming over, and is a lesser version anyway. Other than that, don't expect a PS3 Monhun game anytime soon.
HarvesterOSarow  +   1238d ago
lololololol you know what would have solved this camera problem? A second stick built in to the system out of the box! lololololollol
AWBrawler  +   1238d ago
not an issue really, i played on the wii using the nunchuck and wiimote and controlled the camera just fine.
Eamon  +   1238d ago
I've never played a Monster Hunter game before. But this MH4 trailer looks awesome. Definitely on my list to get.
bothebo  +   1238d ago
Great now make one for the Vita
MasterCornholio  +   1238d ago
Yeah there is a Monster Hunter for the Vita and its called Soul Sacrifice.

Lol dont get mad im just kidding but honestly Capcom should bring one to the Vita.
neogeo  +   1238d ago
After careful thought, I have to go with a disagree on that one. Also logged into my other 6 accounts and did a lil -bub for ya:)
Myst  +   1238d ago
Honestly even as a fan of Monster Hunter I'm just getting bored now not of the game no but the way in which we get teased and such about the games. Sometimes we don't even know if we are going to get them so for now I think I'll just kind of sit back and if it comes yay if not welp I didn't have a lot of hope :/
rezzah  +   1238d ago
I like the new gameplay but the visuals and geometry of the monsters (larger ones) look worse than in the MHFreedom series.
HarvesterOSarow  +   1238d ago
Most likely because the 3DS can't process as realistic monsters as the PSP could, which is sad to say. I want MH4 to look a bit better too, but at least it's colorful and vibrant. I don't even mind that the monsters are getting more "Phantasy Star" like.
Spenok  +   1237d ago
As awesome as this looks. (And I will be picking this up)

I can't help but think what MH would be like on the Big screen again, and in the Dragons Dogma engine no less. Drool......

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