Gamer: "My mom plays Counter Strike"

Brazilian gamers protest in Sao Paulo against the Brazilian authorities' decision that forbids the Counter Strike sales.

One of the gamers was holding a banner (see picture) saying: "Even my mom plays Counter Strike".

This is the same old discussion about freedom and also ignorance from the ones that do not understand the gaming market.

The full story in English (Google Translation from the Brazilian G1 Web Site)

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Erdrick3842d ago

lol, google translation is weird.

the sign says "even my mom plays counter strike"


Here in Brazil we have a pretty recent memory from Military Dictatorship (the Democracy was re-established in 1988, only 20 years ago), people should just avoid to censor anything, since we have enough of that for a long time (1928-1987).

In fact the ban of the games are illegal in our law, just like with a movie (the government have no right to decide what you should or should not see, listen or read), what they can do is to limit the sales by the age of the user. This is not marijuana, social security papers or guns, this is just a f*ing game, there is nothing to it that you can legally censor like that.

fabiopeart3842d ago

A lot of people in Brazil plays Counter-Strike and other games. But just the law comes to close it, when other causes that need close, the law don´t see (The law is bind).