Polygon: The luxury of time: the narrative direction of Halo 4

Polygon writes: How do you take an 11 year old series and make it fresh, make it as relevant as it once was?

This is the question 343i has been tackling for the last three years as they've pulled the expansive fiction and reach of the Halo series inward once again in the lead up to the series relaunch in the form of Halo 4. While millions of fans have faithfully jumped on for installment after installment, it would be difficult to argue that Halo hasn't occupied the first person throne for some time. Halo 4 is the opening shot in Microsoft and 343i's mission to take it back. And Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor's job has become pulling the sprawling threads of a fiction that includes almost a dozen books and six games into something that casual fans can understand and still enjoy.

Not the easiest job in the world. But O'Connor and his team have had a luxury that few other studios do: time.

Polygon visited Kirkland, Washington last week to spend the day with Hal...

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